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By Rodger Skidmore

Etiquette is all

 Miss Manners would have been pleased with September’s “special Gala” held at the Chart House on Longboat Key. The occasion was a series of announcements of what was happening in the Sarasota arts community this coming season. “Special Gala” was an appropriate title because it did not fit the normal Sarasota Gala profile:  no silent auction, raffle, or pledge drives and it cost nothing to attend. Invited guests were not media nor high level movers or shakers – instead, they were simply people who were highly connected in their community and prepared to “spread the word” if they heard something good was coming over the horizon. And good things there were: the Artist series, the Sarasota Orchestra, Up with People, the Rotary Club of Longboat Key, the Venice Symphony, the Sarasota Ballet, La Musica, Key Chorale and others gave presentations about their Fall/Winter/Spring seasons. Google these organizations to see future performances; then save the dates and buy tickets. Following the presentations there was a performance by principles of the Venice Symphony and dinner for the ninety attendees – all sponsored by Don Britt of, the online entertainment and event calendar.

The reason Miss Manners would have been happy is that two thirds of those attending could not hear the speakers very well and yet all sat quite attentively – really good manners – for what seemed like an hour. The take away from this is that Sarasota is blessed with more mind expanding organizations concerning the arts and related fields than any other city in Florida (and many adjoining states) and that people who represent these organizations should really take voice lessons so that they can project their voices when projecting their ideas.

The Chart House Signature Salad was as splendid as ever and, based on the exclamations, all the main course selections were prepared beautifully.



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