Massage Experience, Siesta Key Celebrates 20 Years of Service!

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Connie Lewis, Stephanie Feebs Feibelman, Kirsten Calandra and Uriel Quiles
Connie Lewis, Stephanie Feebs Feibelman, Kirsten Calandra and Uriel Quiles

Starting a business of her own in 1996 was a work in progress for owner Licensed Massage therapist Aesthetician, Spa direct Connie Lewis.  After graduating from Fitchburg State University in 1988 with a Bachelors of Science in Communications/Media Connie worked in broadcast radio and television for many years.   At the end of 1991 her life took an unexpected turn.  She was involved in an auto accident that forever changed the course of her life personally and professionally.  It was only after learning through her experience with holistic health and wellness through chiropractic massage and spiritual interests that she decided to pursue a career in Massage Therapy.

In the fall of 1992 she enrolled in an 18 month intensive course of study at the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, an esteemed institution established in 1950 that offers in depth training in various massage modalities ranging from Sports Massage Shiatsu, Swedish and a thorough course to business practices.    While in school her instructors reminded all the students they were in the Harvard of massage schools.  They were not kidding! The program was extensive and demanding but prepares students for the real world of massage therapy.  As the end of the 18-month program got closer she knew it was time to figure out where to start her new life and career

Connie was anxious to leave Massachusetts for many reasons, the weather just one.

After months of searching throughout the Florida panhandle, the east coast of the state and during her visit to check Sarasota out, Thanksgiving week of 1991, she found herself on Siesta Key Beach.  That was all it took; Lewis was hooked and knew this was the place she wanted to begin her new career.

Over the years, running her own business on Siesta Key has allowed her personal interaction with her clients. Lewis has developed some close relationships, one of which may have ended up saving her life.

“I was talking with one of my clients, a cardiologist, during his treatment and telling him some symptoms I was having and he listened to me and he said, ‘You need to come in to the office tomorrow,’” Lewis said.  “Within two months, I was having open heart surgery at the Mayo clinic.”

Those types of experiences, Lewis says, has given her the gifts of empathy and strength and the knowing to be able to help anyone who walks through her doors.  "I never know how a session will turn out.  Sometimes a facial is just a facial and other times it’s a cathartic healing experience, unexpected at times but thoroughly fulfilling for all involved,” Lewis explained.

“I have clients everyday who are challenged on some level either physically or emotionally, usually it’s both.  I do my best to make them feel safe and comfortable during their treatments.  The ability to put a client at ease is one of my greatest accomplishments that has manifested from my life's experiences. They come to me knowing I can handle it!”

Massage Experience, Siesta Key offers a wide variety of services including intuitive deeply relaxing massage, sports and injury rehabilitation massage as well as many delightful and relaxing spa services.  Facial sculpting, and custom deluxe anti-aging facials are another specialty.

Hot stone massage, as we incorporate the warm stone as a healing tool, to ease both the stress of the mind and to open the muscles with the heat.  Connie and her staff specialize in custom treatments.  No two are alike.  We listen and strive to give the clients what they need. This could and usually does combine any and all of the services offered including Reiki healing specific deep tissue massage and relaxing Swedish techniques.

In addition to her extensive training and experience in massage therapy, Connie attended and graduated from the Fashion Focus Hair academy Facial Specialist training in 2004. Adding facials and skin care to her regime has enhanced and expanded the range of services she offers. Massage Experience has become a boutique day spa where clients can choose from many different therapeutic, relaxing and beautifying treatments.

Massage Experience, Siesta Key boasts three treatment rooms; two with garden atriums full of tropical foliage.  With three rooms and a staff hand-picked by Connie there are many treatment times and services available.  

Connie Lewis, BS/LMT/Aesthetician, can be reached at Massage Experience Siesta Key, 5138-A Ocean Blvd., Siesta Key, 941-349-4833.  For a complete list of services offered, visit her website at  (Advertorial)

Siesta Sand
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