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Everyone desires to be well.  Happy and healthy are words we hear at this time of year after, of course, Happy New Year.  How do we make better decisions and how do we decide where to start on this new road to wellness?  There are so many options and choices to make it’s enough to make anyone throw their arms up and retreat into old patterns that  have not served them in the past.

Experience has been my greatest teacher. As I celebrate my 20th year at Massage Experience, Siesta Key, I have learned volumes and would like to share some golden nuggets of wisdom with you; things that have been life changing for me. 

How do we make better choices? According to Anthony Robbins, “People move toward either pleasure or pain. If it feels good we tend to go there and if it causes us pain we avoid, avoid, avoid.”  This is true except when a person is in so much pain they can no longer function; that is usually the time the change will occur or the decision to change will happen.  The darkest night is just before the dawn.  Making a conscious effort before it gets to that point is the best way to make that change. THINK, and decide before you eat that piece of cake or giant piece of meat and fatty fried food!  It can be as simple as that. Making better decisions is a decision. If you can make a list of why you want to change the most important things to you in your life that gives you more power to do so.

Receiving a deeply relaxing massage, facial or spa treatment that lulls you into a deep state of relaxation could be the vehicle to help you get there.  Body awareness and simply feeling the aches and pains fade from your body in the hands of a trusted therapist can be the first step.  Recognizing the reasons why and slowing down enough to really feel your stress and letting it go can be life changing.  It’s within these precious moments clarity can arise and changes can start to be made.  

The decision to improve is yours and yours alone.  It’s your life and yours alone. Whatever you choose to eat and or how to live will affect your body and your mental health.  Again, think before you act.   Getting some expert guidance in the beginning is priceless.  Make an appointment for a massage or facial.  Seems simple enough, but the knowledge you can gain from even one treatment may just be the catalyst for the change you desire. 

Often times during a facial session my clients have the opportunity to ask many questions about their skin condition, and their at home routines.  Some guidance and product suggestions are inspirations to getting on that road to a better, healthier and younger looking skin.

All of our staff have the skills and knowledge to guide you in your quest for a better healthier life.  Is massage therapy that powerful?  YES it is!  I hear almost daily, “Wow I didn’t know how sore that was.  What is that?  Body awareness is  a great start to spring you forward into asking more questions getting more help and wellness encouragement leading on the path to a better healthier you.

Massage Experience, Siesta Key (EST) 1996 specializes in custom therapeutic massage as well as deeply relaxing and pampering treatments.   Specialty facials include Micro-current nonsurgical face-lift treatments, Enzyme peels, macrodermabrasion and of course our many spa packages that combine any of our service to best serve you. We are here to help.  It’s our passion as therapists.  (Advertorial)

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Happy Healthy 2016

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