Paw Pals: Meet Sweet E. Pie

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Sweet E. Pie is a 3-year old Shipoo (Shih tzu & poodle mix). She is quite a celebrity in Siesta Key Village where she serves as an “unofficial” village greeter during her walks each day. She is very friendly, unless someone shows up at the door unexpectedly. That’s when her protective instincts take hold!

   In addition to her walks, Sweet E.’s favorite activities include chasing her blue ball, bike rides with Grammy & Pa, going for a car ride with Pa to get coffee each morning, bugging Grammy for treats, and chilling out on her favorite pillow. If you see Sweet E. Pie in the village, be sure to say hi. She loves the attention!

   Paw Pals is a new monthly department that will feature a special dog. If you are interested in featuring your “Paw Pal” in a future issue, please send picture and short description of your special “pal” to

Siesta Sand
Author: Siesta Sand

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