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By Roger Drouin

  During peak tourist season, Annmarie Tucker’s job can get stressful. Tucker, a rental specialist for Moynihan Realty Group LLC., helps vacationers find the perfect rental unit on Siesta. She arranges paperwork, reservations, collects deposits, and finally when a family comes down for their visit, Tucker is on hand to give them the keys and conduct a walk-through of the unit.

“You don’t want someone going in a unit when it is already booked,” Tucker said.   

Luckily, Tucker has organizational and multi-tasking skills that help her during those busy winter months when so many folks want to be staying on the Key. Tucker, who has been a licensed real estate agent since 2008, started out in the real estate field as an assistant for sales at Keller Williams, and later Michael Saunders & Company filing paperwork for realtors and attending inspections. As an assistant for sales, she also dealt with banks on short sales. Her current position as a rental specialist now requires the same kind of multi-tasking and organization.

And the best part of the job is working with people. “It’s been a dream,” said Tucker.

Recently, Tucker helped a couple find a rental unit on short notice. “It was last minute during Spring Break, and I had a cancellation and got them in,” Tucker said. The couple arrived for the walk-through with a token of their appreciation.

“They showed up with a bottle of wine,” Tucker said.

Typically, as early as this time of year, folks start reserving units for next winter, and many are returning vacationers. “It is a lot of fun meeting people,” Tucker said. “It’s always nice when someone comes back the following year.”

Tucker has been with Moynihan Realty Group for one year. The company, which specializes in rental property management, is under new ownership.

Tucker, who is 52, is from the small community of Dunnville, in Ontario, Canada.

She moved to Bradenton 18 years ago, and usually visits family twice a year in Dunnville. One of those visits is planned every June because that is when the annual Mudcat Festival — a type of fair complete with fireworks and a parade — is held. “I never miss it,” Tucker told Siesta Sand.

“It’s a fun, fun weekend and everyone who lives away from home comes home that weekend,” Tucker said. “That is a small town [atmosphere].”

In the winter, Tucker loves our local weather. “I love to be on Siesta [public] beach,” Tucker said.

When she’s not working, she also enjoys checking our new restaurants and spending time with her two sons, who are 

18 and 24 years old. Tucker also has two rescue dogs, a Yorkie and a “Benjie dog,” or more specifically a Chinese crested powderpuff with lots of hair which makes him look like a big teddy bear. “They are my buddies,” Tucker said.

Tucker works on behalf of condo-unit owners. She said many vacationers want a water view, but they often have individual, specific requirements above that.

“Some people want a very quiet area and some want to be in the Village so they can walk to the restaurants and bars,” she said. Tucker spends some time talking with vacationers to find out what those specific needs are. Often, vacationers will have a specific area of the Key in mind. 


“Most have visited before, and want to come back,” Tucker said.

Rentals on Siesta are in high demand. There have been more and more vacationers renting privately-owned units, and Moynihan Realty Group is currently doing a mass mailing to find out if condo unit owners who live out-of-state are interested in renting their units and if they are represented by a real-estate firm that could manage that process. 

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