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By Diana Colson ~

Piro & Associates is a specialized Sarasota Real Estate office offering boutique services and personalized care of clients, both residential and commercial. James J. Piro and his wife, Linda Piro, co-founded the firm. Today, they serve international clients as well as local, maintaining a special affiliation with Italian Real Estate.

James Piro
James Piro
James J. Piro has been one of the most recognized Realtors in the industry for over three decades.  He holds the two highest real estate designations in the world.

James is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), which means he is a recognized as an expert in the disciplines of commercial investment real estate.

He also holds a MAI Designation, which means he is affiliated with the Appraisal Institute, a global organization for real estate appraisers. This designation identifies James as a real estate consultant and appraiser who is experienced in the valuation of commercial, industrial, residential, and other types of properties, both national and international. 

Having attended a Jesuit University (John Carroll University in Cleveland), James is precise in his thinking. He reviews all articles for the Commercial Investment Real Estate Journal—published 6 times a year— taking each writer’s data and information, then checking it to make sure it is valid and correct.

His partner is his charming wife, Linda Piro. As Director of Operations and Co-Founder of Piro & Associates, Linda has been actively involved in the Real Estate Profession for over 20 years, after an earlier career in Ophthalmology.  Today she is the firm’s administrator as well as the creative innovator who tackles both technology and marketing. Her strong listening and communication skills bring confidence and comfort to their clients.

James and Linda moved to Florida from Cleveland Ohio in 1985. They started off in the Sanibel/Captiva/Ft. Myers area. Before long, however, the Piro’s were drawn to Sarasota, for they could envision growth of the community. The couple raised one daughter, Alicia, who played in the Riverview High School Kiltie Band before going on to obtain her Law and International Law Degrees from Loyola University of Law in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Alicia is now a personal injury lawyer.  She and her husband, William, are the parents of the Piro’s treasured grandchildren, Alexis, age 2 ½, and William James, age 9 months.

The Piro’s are definitely boat people, having owned many different kinds. They live right on the water and often boat to their office, which is located at 7719 Holiday Dr. in Snug Harbor Village, a charming Nautical Office Complex. The couple has a little Maltese named Maggie who has been known to hop in the boat along with them.

Of Italian heritage, James is a self-taught sculptor who works in stone. He often takes a little table down to their dock, sets it up, and works on carving his stone. In his own words: “I was an altar boy, so I saw all the stone work up very close. After serving Mass, I would go look at the sculptures more closely, then attempt to go home and create my own. I started going to a stone supplier when I was about 10 or 12, and began carving, which got better and better.” Needless to say, his childhood home was soon filled with original Piro’s!

Today, James leans towards creating small pieces such as a head, a bust, or perhaps a fish. He smiles:  “It’s very relaxing after you put in a long day with your business.”

Piro & Associates deals with many international clients. They have worked with several banks in the UK, acquiring properties for these banks in the Southwest United States, and also acquiring many in Florida.

As a commercial realtor, James J. Piro has worked with credit tenant retailers for shopping centers throughout the United States. He has acquired and brokered existing retailer locations and land for future retail development, including evaluating site locations and lease negotiation. Piro & Associates represented the Wholesale Club exclusively, providing Sam Walton with retail locations throughout the United States. Today The Wholesale Club is known as Sam’s.

Piro & Associates specializes in NNN leased properties, typically known as “NO LANDLORD RESPONSIBILITIES.” These make excellent passive Real Estate Investments, the majority being Long-term Leases with Periodic Rent Increases. Tenants are predominantly retail tenants with good credit ratings: Fast Food Restaurants, Supermarkets, Drugstores, Dollar Stores, Auto Parts Stores and the like.

James and Linda run a boutique operation, one that tailors their services to the needs of the client, both commercial and residential.  They may be contacted at 941.923.3900 or piroassociates@comcast.net.  More can be found at piroreality.com.

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