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Dr Ann Chauvet~~Dr. Chauvet earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon,Canada,and is known internationally for her specialized work in the relatively rare field of veterinary neurology speaking to, training, and consulting with veterinary practices and organizations globally

Q: My dog suddenly developed foul smell in his mouth. Should I be concerned?

A: Ah, that famous bad breath! Halitosis, the proper medical term, is most often due to poor mouth hygiene. Although many people brush their dog’s teeth, tartar can build up and gingivitis sets in. It is the bacteria that grow in the mouth leading to such foul odor. And of course, if your dog cleans your cat’s litter box, well, that might be yet another reason. Dental cleaning might be your best option to help your companion.

Q: My 4-year-old Cocker Spaniel seems to be thirstier recently. Should she be seen by a vet?

A: Polydypsia is the problem: drinking excessively. This is common sign of many diseases such as diabetes, liver disease, urinary tract infection, kidney  disease, hyperthyroidism and much more. I advise  measuring the water your dog drinks, particularly if you
live in a hot climate.   A dog should drink about 60 ml per kg per day. When  the heat increases or if they exercise more, dogs can drink  1.5 to twice as much. However, above this value, you  should be concerned and see your local vet for a work  up.

Q: My dog coughs after exercise and he seems to have  difficulty breathing. I read these might be signs of a  heartworm disease. Could it mean something else?  This problem can be an alert for cardiac disease, lung  disease or collapsing trachea. Please take your dog to
your vet as soon as possible and get a full exam including  radiographs and cardiac check up.

A: Yes, heartworm could be a problem as well. Is your dog on heartworm prevention?


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