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By Jaye Clements / Sarasota Photography
Wish you were here for some fun in the sun!!! Sunny Sarasota living up to its SK beach bragging rights!

Chris age 4, Rachel from NH

Tyler & Brianah from OH

– Lucas, Dad, Emma age 5 from MN

Lydia, Jordyn from MI

Jerry (the sand sculpting artist & Santa tattoo artist!) & Maria from Chicago

Morgan and Jane age 16 months from Sarasota

Rivyr age 4 from Sarasota

Brandon age 2 from MI

Brian, Hadley age 3, Kelly

Brian, Hadley age 3, Kelly

– Paula & Jack from Canada, Kelly & Luiz from Brazil

Bethany, Brooklyn, Paige from IN

Natalie age 12, Mike, Emily from Canada

Kim, Kailee from CA

Sydney, Elijah from NY

Anna age 11, Laura, Andrew, Sarah age 9 from Iowa

Betty from Venice, Quentin, Ian age 6, Trevor age 12, Alyssa, Mandy, Cora Grey age 2, from IN

Loren, Dom, Maria, Donato, Lina from Chicago

Tyler & Brianah from OH
Siesta Sand
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