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Photos by Sarasota Photography / Jaye Clements

Have you buried you toes in our world famous sand lately?  There’s nothing like it!  Whenever I ask visitors, what’s your favorite thing about Siesta Key beach; I usually get “the sand!”  That white, fine, powdery, sand!   People are always in awe of its beauty!  Can you imagine the time it took to become that texture?  From quartz to sand…  It reminds me of flour or confectionary sugar.   I heard it originated from the Appalachian Mountains.  The sand grains were carried by rivers into the Gulf and along the shore of Florida.  We are lucky to have such amazing sand, and it’s cool to the touch even when it’s hot out.  There’s only one problem… if you’re here on vacation, our beautiful, pristine sand will be calling you back time and time again! 

If you’re from SK, then you’re lucky to live by our world famous beach!  

Kelly from Sarasota

Rylen, Jevan, Collin, Lois, Kianna, Karson & Delvyn from OH

Corey, Stephanie, Crew, Brox from MI

Jacob, Aliza, Sabrina, Rachel from Sarasota

Kevin, Matt, Cameron, Colton, Chanda from TN

Oliver, Anna from GA.

Parker, Brendan, Josh, Remy from IL & Renee, Mary from Sarasota

Jessica age 13, Kent, Adam age 11 from MN

Ashley, Nick and Jake 6 months, from MD

Diana, Steven from Columbia

Jackie, Marco, Emily, Austin from PA

Josie, Gabby, Nate from NE

Elena, Marina age 5 from MA

Ryan, Shaun from Virginia

Ricky, Cheyenne, Paisley age 4, Gary, Maria from OH

Anna, Abby from Canada

Holly, Sofia, Daniel, Lucas, Andrew from PA

Crew, Brox from MI

Lesker, Owen age 6, Naomi 15, Emma age 12, Leigh-Ann from Toronto Canada
Siesta Sand
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