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Photos by Sarasota Photography / Jaye Clements
Looking for something fun for the family this summer?  We have miles of beautiful beaches to explore… Every day is a beach day here!  Get there early to grab a spot!  So many different beach accesses on SK!  Grab your sunscreen and head to one of our famous beaches and make some treasured memories, like the families in this month’s issue!

Ethan age 3, Ava age 4, Emma age 1, Amber from GA.

Sara, Tana, Dennis, Jennifer, Haley, Josh from CO.

Erial, Erica and Elani age 1, Anthony from Orlando

Scooter, Martini Lifeguards from Sarasota (scooter does a beach report daily)

Melody age 3, Robert from TN

Nicole, Lindsey, Elise from IL

Luke age 11, Emily 9, April , Gretchen 5, Erik and Allison from OH

Taylor, Brittney from Boston

Allison & Jack from NY, Alex, Calli from PA

Savannah age 6 & Cherie from GA.

front Ashley age 9, Reagan age 9, back Mike & Holly from GA.

front row kids – Annie age 6, Lucy age 1, Eli age 8, Leah 4, back row adults Eric & Megan from OH.

front row left to right (kids) – Nectoria, Maria, Cassandra, Gabriel, Andriana, back row (adults, Krissy, Pete, Nectoria

Julia age 15, Liberty 6, Faith 11, Frances, Truett 9, Jackson 4, from Brandon, Fl

Jill from Tampa, Stephanie from MO
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