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They’re smiling because they’re at the best beach in the country, enjoying the best winter in the country! Siesta Beach
has again been named the top beach in the U.S. in the 2017 TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Awards, an honor it
received in 2015. Siesta Beach is often ranked among the top beaches in both the U.S. and the world. Photos by
Sarasota Photography/ Jaye Clements. 
Stephanie, Camille, Camber, Sam, (UF students) from Sarasota
Taitin, Kyle, Anthony from Sarasota
Liani, Mason age 1 from Naples
Bret, Nora, Tina, Cooper from PA
Adeline age 13 months from Parrish
Letitia, Brelan from Bradenton
Sofia age 6, Zach from Lakewood Ranch, Chelsea, Jake, Samuel age 2 from NY
Tyson, Adam from PA.
Claudia and Victor from Bradenton
Carol and Jim from Canada
Ireland, Brittney from IL.
Lilian, Renier and Jacob age 16 months from Northport
Kaila age 3, Kohen age 5 from Canada
Jade age 8, Jasmine age 5, Josh, Rosalia, Teresa from Tampa
Margo age 6, Ava age 11, Emma age 10, Matthew age 3, Judah age 3, Caleb age 8, Karrie age 8, Abby age 14, Kiah age 14
Chelsea and Chris from Sarasota


Siesta Sand
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