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By Jane Bartnett

It’s a new year!  Have you resolved to shed those dreaded Covid-19 pounds and get back in shape pronto?  If so, there’s a new fitness center in town that’s unlike any other.   QuickHIT Fitness Lab at 1914 Bay Road (next door to Sunny Bunny), offers private, one-on-one, 20-minute, low-impact resistance training with a personal trainer.

Lisa Dallas, QuickHIT Fitness Lab, Managing Partner for Southwest Florida, works out on the Robotically Controlled Resistance Machine

The gradual resistance exercise based program focuses on high intensity training designed specifically for each person. The goal is to build muscle strength in the legs, arms and core of the body.   During each session, a personal trainer stands next to the client as she or he is seated at a patented Robotically Controlled Resistance™ machine and guides them.  As the trainer controls the exercise session with a computer that adapts to each person’s strength output and range of motion, the resistance based technique builds muscle.  The computer program calculates the exact amount of weight and resistance for each exercise.  Every part of every movement has optimum resistance.  “The more you resist against the machine,” QuickHIT Regional Manager Frank Ochoa explained, “the more the machine resists you.”

“The goal of the program is to help clients reach their fitness goals, provide sustainable results and  stay healthy,”  Lisa Dallas, Managing Partner, Southwest Florida QuickHIT, told the Siesta Sand.  The system, she said, offers “maximum results in the shortest amount of time.”  QuickHIT recommends that their clients visit the facility only twice a week for 20 minutes at a time.

The program, that took $3 million to develop, is according to the company’s website, beneficial for adult men and women, regardless of their age, weight, or current fitness levels of fitness.  The program “keeps the body’s metabolism revved up, it uses stored fat, increases muscle strength, and reverses bone density loss,” Ochoa explained. “This is the perfect answer for busy people who are short on time and want to get and stay healthy,” said Dallas.  “Women,” Dallas said, “benefit from increasing bone density. As we age, she noted, bone density, muscle strength and balance all become increasingly important for a healthy and active life.” When asked to describe QuickHIT’s clientele, Dallas told the Siesta Sand,“we have more women than men.  I think that women like the fact that it’s you and your trainer.  No one else is sharing this space with you.  It’s very private. As you go through your two 20-minute sessions per week, there’s no judgement here.  We have a lot of women nurses and other busy professionals who have embraced QuickHIT Fitness.”  Men, Ochoa advised, also like the benefits that the brief workouts provide.  He described the sessions as “a  triple expresso for the body.”

A personal trainer guides his or her clients through a series of exercises that are designed specifically for each person. When a client enters the facility, they have the full attention of the trainer in the small store-front space.  The majority of the workout space, in the rear of the physiotherapy studio, is taken up with QuickHIT’s “one-of-a-kind, medical-grade resistance machine.” The program, Ochoa advised, is created to “specifically match your level of strength and overall fitness without putting any additional pressure or stress on your bones, ligaments, or joints.”  Data collected from each session is relayed to the QuickHIT computer system allowing the trainer to track the clients results.  The overhead dashboard monitor that appears above the machinery delivers real-time feedback that both can see.  QuickHIT documents show that after five weeks of taking part in the training, technology and therapeutic nutrition programs, both male and female clients lost weight and decreased body fat.

The Sarasota location opened in October, 2019.  Two other Southwest Florida QuickHIT Fitness Labs can be found in St. Petersburg and Tampa.  Another 15 are located in the mid-west and Texas.

For the new year, QuickHIT is offering several special plans. One-on-one sessions with a trainer may be booked by appointment only at $55 per session.  The fee for monthly access with twice weekly sessions is $440. One time a week monthly sessions can be booked for $220.  Clients who sign-up for 12 weeks or more receive a  20% discount (payable in advance).   The “Double Barrel Blast” program, available  (by appointment only) at $40 per-person, per-session, is designed for two people who want to work out together.  It includes a private 30-minute session for two with a trainer that focuses on Toning, Cardio and QuickHIT’s patented Robotically Controlled Resistance Machine.  Appointments may be made by calling 941-444-8035 or through the website at www.quickhitfit.com. To arrange a free initial consultation, book online at: www.quickhitfit.com/free-consultation/

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