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By Brian Wigelsworth

Happy Elbows

Alright, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what I have been sculpting in the sand lately.  Well it just so happens, over Labor Day Weekend, my good friend and fellow master sand sculptor, Matt Long from New York, returned to East Hampton for the third year in a row to sculpt a shark sculpture for a private Labor Day party at the home of David Zaslov, the CEO of the Discovery Network, home of Shark Week!

Mr Zaslov always treats us very well when we come.  He takes personal attention in welcoming us and introducing us to his neighbors and friends who he invites to his big Shindig.  And he always reserves a guest invitation for us to the party.  Butgot sand pic1 living in East Hampton you can imagine his neighbors are not your every day Joe Schmoes.   (Or are they?)

We start the first day of our 3 day carve, piling sand to get ready for the sculpture of two sharks attacking an alligator at water’s edge.  A requested theme, we really don’t know why the alligator, until later, when one of party planner leaks to us that Harry Connick Jr. and his orchestra is the musical guest and the party will have a Big Easy theme.  I think, ooh my wife is gonna be so j-e-a-l-o-u-s.  On the second day our first neighbor drops by to see the progress of our work, with her two grandkids and four dogs in tow.  She is very impressed and wants to get a picture with us.  We say “Certainly Martha…I mean, Ms. Stewart”!

Our second guest is a gentleman by the name of Mort Zuckerman and his wife Jean, (look him up, I had to).got sand pic 6



That night at the party we really got to rub elbows with the rich and famous…talk about ‘fish out of water’.  Uncomfortable walking around blatantly taking pics of people, I resorted to the “stalkie” method.  See if you can recognize my, sometimes fuzzy, prey.

got sand pic 8 got sand pic 7
got sand pic 14 - Copy got sand pic 12 - Copy

Ok, so it’s hard to get a good image in a stalkie,  With a couple drinks in me I just started taking photos!

got sand pic 2
got sand pic 3 got sand pic 9

Ron Howard, what a nice guy!
got sand pic 10














Suze and her partner KT were as sweet as could be as well.
got sand pic 11












We had a great time at the party and discovered that all these famous people were really very friendly and really quite normal, regular Joe Schmoes…….with really BIG houses!
got sand pic 5











So after rubbing elbows with the rich and famous for one evening we ended the night shaking hands with Opie, Giving Suze Orman a big hug, taking one last photo with the guy from “Dolphin Tale” and retired the evening with very happy elbows.  See ya next year Martha!



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