Seen in the Sand

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In this issue, Seen in the Sand (or seen at least six feet away from the entrance to the parking lot adjacent to the sand) features 14-year-old Maggie, who visited Siesta Key prior to the stay-at-home-order and the closure of the public beach.

Maggie (left) with her family on Siesta Key

Where were you born and raised (to date)?  Austin, Texas.  I live there with my parents and younger sister and brother.

How often have you visited SK?  This is my first visit to Siesta Key.  I would like to return!

What have you enjoyed doing while you are on SK?  Going to the beach and having fun exploring the Intercoastal by boat.

What is something unique or surprising to you about SK?  I was surprised by the beautiful, clear water.

Do you have a favorite memory from your time on SK?  We saw dolphins when we were boating, and it was amazing!  I loved eating at the outdoor restaurants in the village.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time in Austin?  I read a lot.  I row crew for my school, and I hang out with my friends as much as possible!  Update:  pandemic activities for our family include hiking, playing games, and baking.

What books would you recommend for beach reading?  Little Women or The CheerleadersThe Cheerleaders is terrifying with fatalities…so probably go with Little Women for lighter beach reading.

What food is delicious?  Mac and cheese!

What food is disgusting?  Oysters!

What is your favorite animal?  Dogs.  I have two soft-coated Wheaten Terriers – Teddy is five and Winston is 11 months.

What is something that you are scared of?  Birds.  Their little eyes stare at me.

What is your favorite class in school, and what do you want to be when you grow up?  I love science, and I hope to become a doctor.

If you could travel to a faraway place for a day, where would you go?  Um…the moon…?

Siesta Sand
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