Sheriff’s Incidents

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4/01-Identity Theft

The complainant reported that he was the victim of identity theft seven years prior. He said he had fraud alert messages on his credit, and said that the unknown suspect used his social security number and other personal information to open a DirecTV account. He said illegal charges were associated with the new account, and it was unknown the location at which the accounts were opened. The case remains open.

4/09 – Burglary

Complainant stored various jewelry in small boxes in a chest of drawers in her condominium. The boxes were numbered and itemized to send to family members. She discovered that twenty boxes were missing, but there were no signs of forced entry in her unit. Authorities collected DNA evidence from the furniture and potential points of entry. Investigation continues.

4/26-Domestic Battery

A deputy sheriff was called in to a domestic violence call that occurred on the victim’s boat near the Little Sarasota Bay. The defendant had punched the victim multiple times and choked her until she almost passed out. The victim was able to make a cell phone call without the defendant noticing. When the police arrived, there were red marks and scratches covering her face and neck, and both of her eyes were bruised. There was also a gash above her eye that had been treated at an urgent care center. The sheriff later found out that the defendant had taken the victim to urgent care that morning and claimed she had fallen down the stairs. Police later found the defendant with his boat in the water at Turtle Beach. He argued that he didn’t hurt the victim, and that she was having a seizure on his boat. The only evidence found on the boat was blood soaked paper towels. Since the victim’s injuries did not seem to be those contracted in a seizure or falling down steps, the defendant was arrested. Charges are pending.

4/27-Vehicle Burglary

The complainant saw that the glove compartment and center console in his car were open when he was driving to play golf. He said that a car kit and his insurance and registration were stolen, and he believes the burglar mistook the papers for money while in the dark. There are no suspects, but the complainant said his wife’s vehicle was burglarized as well two weeks prior to his. Investigation continues.

5/09-Burglary and felony criminal mischief

The homeowner discovered his trash cans dumped in his driveway and his pool deck in disarray, with broken pots and deck chairs thrown into the pool and an overturned paddle board rack. A sliding glass door adjacent to the pool area was broken and the inside bedroom ransacked. In an upstairs bedroom, a watch collection, jewelry box, and handgun were thrown

on the floor and damaged. Additional damage was present throughout the home. The known defendant is the homeowner’s recent ex-girlfriend, and the case is pending.

5/16 – Burglary

Complainant called 911 when she observed lights being turned off and on in a rental property that she knew should be vacant at that time.  Police promptly arrived on the scene and surprised the defendant inside the property. The defendant claimed that he found the back door of the unit open and had no idea who broke the window next to the door. He simply let himself in to spend the night. Deputies located an ice cream spoon with residue later confirmed to be cocaine and a syringe needle on the kitchen counter, which the defendant claimed as his property. Charges are pending for drug violations, trespass, and criminal mischief.

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