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There were a total of 30 crimes reported on the Key from Nov. 19 – Dec. 15, 2013.  Below is a highlight covering some of the violations.

11/12/13 Felony/Burglary graph
6000 block Midnight Pass Rd.
A woman reported a burglary to the condo she and her family were renting. The front and rear doors had been left unlocked. Approximately $2450 in cash was taken from various spots around the condo. Nothing else was disturbed. Two security cameras had views of the unit. The manager said they would review the video and report back to the officer.

11/24/12 Grand Theft/ Vehicle
Siesta Beach 
A young woman attending the Drum Circle with friends misplaced the keys to the truck she had borrowed from her father. When she returned the next morning the truck was no longer in the parking lot. That same day, a woman called police to report that her son was in possession of a truck that she believed to be stolen. Officers tracked down the missing vehicle. The son, who had been part of the girl’s group that night, claimed that he had heard that she lost her keys and saw her leave the beach. He stated that later that night, an unknown man walked up to him and handed him a set of Nissan keys. Since he didn’t have a ride home he decided to locate the truck to drive it around and go off-roading. The defendant stated that he hadn’t returned the truck yet because he wanted to fill up the tank. He was arrested for Grand Theft.

12/7/13 Felony/Battery on a Police Officer
5000 block Ocean Blvd. 
While on routine patrol, officers were flagged down by employees of a village bar. They advised that an intoxicated male was lying on the ground on the side of the building. As the officers approached the man, they advised dispatch to send the Fire Department to evaluate the subject for medical reasons. When officers successfully woke the defendant and identified themselves, in full Sheriff’s Office uniforms, as deputies who were there to attempt to help him, the defendant sat up, yelled profanities at the deputies and swung with a closed fist towards one of them. As officers attempted to escort him from a seated position to standing, the defendant reached out and grabbed the officer’s throat and would not let go. In response to the defendant’s actions, two knee strikes were administered to his abdomen, where he finally released his grip on the officer and was able to be taken into custody.

12/7/13 Misdemeanor/ Battery
300 block Canal Rd 
A male juvenile contacted police to report a battery. He explained that he and two other juveniles had met the defendant, an adult male, at the Circle K. During their time together, an argument began between the defendant and the juveniles. During this argument, the victim advised the defendant took his “Cali Florida” long-board skateboard and threw it off a fishing dock and into the waterway. The damage to the skateboard was approximately $200. At that time the victim who was on a canoe in the waterway, returned to shore. Upon his return, the defendant pushed the victim into the water and threw another victim’s backpack into the water. The backpack contained a cell phone valued at approximately $200. Once back on shore, the victim stated that he and the defendant became involved in another physical altercation. The victim received a laceration above his eye from a closed handed strike from the defendant. The second victim and another witness were able to separately and independently confirm the story. The victim had a 1 ½ inch laceration above his eye and was saturated with water. Officers observed a small contusion above the defendant’s eye and an abrasion on his palm from the physical altercation. The defendant, who was intoxicated at the time, spontaneously stated that he threw the skate board into the water because the juveniles asked him to purchase alcohol. He was also adamant that he did not strike the victim.

12/8/13 Felony/ Stolen Vehicle
5000 block Ocean Blvd 
A man reported a red, electric golf cart stolen. He had parked the car in a spot in the north village. When he returned to it a few hours later, it was gone.  The complainant stated that he did not give anyone permission to drive the vehicle. He also stated he had no possible suspects for the vehicle theft, nor any direction of travel for the vehicle.

12/14/13 Felony/Burglary
100 block Avenida Messina 
A woman reported a burglary to her condo. She stated that she left her residence to go out to the bars. When she returned a few hours later, her $300 black Coach purse was missing and her back door was ajar. She stated that she had exited out the front door and could not remember if the back door was locked when she left. There were no signs of forced entry.

Snake Incidentsnake3
On 12/01/13, a suspicious box was left outside the Davidson Drugstore on Midnight Pass Rd. The package was x-rayed and it was determined that there were no harmful materials in the box. An officer opened the box and found a red rat snake inside. The snake was set free and the business reopened. The box appeared to be a prank that was left at the drugstore, for someone to open. No further action was taken.


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