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Sheriff’s Report Nov. 18- Dec. 15,2014

There were a total of 26 crimes reported on the Key from 11/18-12/15/14 

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11/16/14: Grand Theft/Felony
200 Block Tenacity Lane

A man called the Sheriff’s Department to report the theft of his laptop computer and backpack. The theft occurred sometime between 11-14-14 and 11-16-14 while he was visiting family on the Key. The man stated he had the computer in a backpack which he had placed in the rear seat of a Hertz rental car and had visited several different locations in Sarasota during this timeframe. There was no evidence of forced entry and it was assumed the bag was taken while the car was parked in the driveway of the house on Tenacity Lane. There were no suspects or witnesses.

11/22/14: Stolen Vehicle
300 Block Canal Rd

A man advised his Alamo Rental car 2014 Ford Expedition was stolen from his driveway. The vehicle was unlocked and the keys were inside.

11/27/14: Battery 
5000 Block Ocean Blvd.

Officers responded to a fight and observed a man lying on the ground bleeding from his head and another man (his brother) kneeling next to him. The brother explained that a couple of the girls who were in their group had begun to fight with each other. The injured brother was encouraging everyone to let the girls fight it out, but when other girls jumped into the fight as well, he tried to break them up. At this time, an unknown third male came in and yelled to stop putting his hands on the females and blind-sided the man causing him to fall to the ground. The brother then started fighting with the unknown man until he noticed his brother lying, bleeding on the ground. The unknown male, who was the only one not intoxicated, flagged down EMS to help the injured man. He stated that when he noticed the man getting physical with the second group of females, he felt a need to defend them. He then had to defend himself against two intoxicated subjects fighting with him. The deputy believed, based on the entire situation that the unknown man should not be charged with a crime.

11/27/14: Battery/ Possession of Marijuana/Resisting Without Violence/ Misdemeanors
Ocean Blvd/Canal Rd

While on foot control, an officer observed a fight occurring at the intersection of Ocean and Canal. As he got closer, he observed the victim being handcuffed by deputies, and the defendant on the ground resisting arrest from another deputy. He attempted to assist the deputy in the arrest but the defendant would not place his hands behind his back and tried to get up repeatedly. He continued to tense his body and would not comply with any orders. After multiple attempts, the defendant finally placed his hands behind his back where he was handcuffed. Officers noticed the odor of Marijuana coming from the man’s body. Upon searching him, they found a yellow pill bottle with a marijuana cigarette inside. The defendant denied ownership of it. According to the victim, he and the defendant had been in a verbal altercation, which appeared to be over after both parties shook hands and went their separate ways. The victim then stated that the defendant then turned around and began to punch him multiple times along with two other unknown persons. The victim was intoxicated and uncooperative the whole time. Witnesses corroborated the victims story and the defendant was placed under arrest.

11/29/14: Grand Theft
Ocean Blvd

An officer was dispatched to the intersection of Beach Rd and Ocean Blvd. in response to a reported theft. The complainant and her boyfriend had left their belongings on the beach while they went into the water. When they came out only a couple of minutes later, their wallets and phones were missing. The Deputy used the find my iPhone application to locate one cell phone in the sea oats by Access 4. Both cell phones, as well as the woman’s wallet were found in the sea oats by a bench. The man’s wallet was not found. However, a citizen found the man’s credit cards and driver’s license scattered on the beach. The woman stated that her wallet did not seem to be missing anything. The department helicopter and responding units checked the area, though no suspects were identified.

11/30/14: Battery/ Criminal Mischief/ Misdemeanor
1000 Block Point Of Rocks Rd

A distraught woman reported a battery to the Sheriff’s office. She stated that her ex-boyfriend had gone to her residence and found her outside on her patio drinking a cocktail with one of his previous supervisors who had fired him from a job. She stated that the ex-boyfriend was very upset about this and engaged in a verbal altercation with her. Once the boyfriend had arrived, the supervisor had left the residence to avoid a confrontation. The ex-boyfriend became enraged and began shoving the woman out of anger. She stated that after several shoves, he broke the passenger side mirror of her vehicle, which was parked outside her residence. While he was breaking the mirror, she attempted to get him away from her vehicle, where he then picked her up and slammed her on the ground. The woman reported that she was hurting from the physical altercation but refused when asked if she needed medical assistance. Officers noted that the woman stated she had several cocktails and appeared intoxicated as they spoke with her. She stated that the ex-boyfriend was drunk when he arrived at her residence and engaged in the altercation. Deputies went to the residence of the suspect but were unable to make contact. The victim stated that he had left the area and she was unsure when he would return. Deputies were unable to see any visible injuries determined to be from the altercation. Although the woman stated that her foot and arm were hurting, she decided to sign a waiver of prosecution, and was provided with a victim’s rights brochure. No further action was taken.

12/10/14: Burglary/Felony
Whispering Sands Dr.

A woman reported that she was missing numerous rings from her master bathroom and suspected the management had let workers into her apartment while she was out of the country. The woman stated she was out of town on September 17th, 2014 and returned on October 20th. During this time the condo management had plumbing contractors in her condo. On October 20th, she noticed her bedroom and bathroom doors were left open and her rings were missing. She did not call police at that time because she was about to leave the country again. When she returned from that trip she conducted a thorough search for her rings and was unable to locate them. She later told condo management who told her to call law enforcement and report it. Management stated that during the woman’s absence, a company was working inside her condo. Neighbors advised that the plumbing company had been in the condos to test their toilets. There were no witnesses or suspects at this time, and due to the 4-month timeframe, no fingerprints were obtained.

12/13/14: Grand theft/Felony
8000 Block Blind Pass Rd

A seasonal resident called the Sheriff’s office to report an unknown subject stole his kayak from behind his condo sometime during the time he was away. Between 10-02-14 and the morning of 12-13-14, someone stole his tandem ocean kayak. It had been locked to a boat rack, but the victim was unable to find the lock anywhere on the property. He also advised that his kayak was the only one wrapped in a tarp and locked to a post when it was taken, as compared to about twenty other kayaks that were sun damaged/worn and unlocked in the kayak rack. The victim feels his kayak was taken because it was in nicer condition than the others. There are no surveillance cameras on the property.


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