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There were a total of  16 crimes reported on the Key from 8/20-9/21/15 Sheriff's chartoct2015

8/21/15 Theft
7000 Block Sanderling Rd

A woman reported her credit card was stolen from her desk, at her residence. The woman stated that they have had several cleaning persons and various workers in and around the residence recently, and the suspect could possibly be one of them. The card was left on a desk at home. The woman was unaware that it had been taken until suspicious transactions started showing up on her account. All of the transactions were under $6 and were made at the McDonald’s on the corner of Bee Ridge and 41. The victim has since cancelled the card.

8/21/15 Burglary – Residential – Occupied
600 Block Calle De Peru

A 25-year-old male was arrested for burglary. The defendant pulled open the screen on the victim’s lanai, breaking the frame off the porch. He then climbed into the open area of the lanai, knocking some plants down in the process. The homeowner heard the commotion and confronted the defendant as he was entering the porch area. The homeowner then punched the defendant in the face, at which time the defendant said, “Have love man, have love”. The barefoot defendant left the area quickly. The victim described the defendant as a thin male in his twenties with dreadlocks. He added that the defendant sounded like he was possibly Hispanic from the way he was talking. A deputy located the defendant, who matched the description nearly exactly as described. The defendant was a white male with dreadlocks who possibly believed he was of a different race, based on his speech and manner of talking, similar to someone from Jamaica. The defendant initially refused to give his name, but eventually revealed his name and birthdate while bragging about his prior arrest record. His criminal history showed numerous out of state arrests for burglary, drugs and possession of stolen property.

8/24/15 Petit Theft
5000 Block Ocean Blvd

The manager of a Village convenience store reported a petit theft. A group of five subjects entered the store. One of the subjects, a white female, approximately 18 years old, grabbed an eighteen pack of Natural Light beer valued at $24.96 and went into the bathroom. The suspect emerged from the bathroom and left the store. The eighteen pack of beer was found empty in the garbage. The manager says the suspect emerged from the bathroom and left the store.

8/27/15 Petit Theft
Public Beach

A wallet containing $20 and an ID card were reported as stolen. A man stated he left the items unattended for an unspecified amount of time, two weeks prior, at the Public Beach. There are no known suspects.

9/7/15 Burglary – Vehicle
8000 Block Midnight Pass Rd

A man reported that his car was burglarized. Sometime during the night, an unknown person entered his Toyota 4 Runner. The car was unlocked and parked in his driveway. The suspect removed the $450 in cash and $50 in coins from the center console, which were inside a plastic zip lock bag. The suspect also took a set of keys from the bag and removed an American Express card from the victim’s wallet. The wallet was left behind, as was another baggie of cash in the glove box. The victim has no possible suspects he could name. He also stated that he heard no noises during the night and his dog had not barked.

9/8/15 Burglary – Vehicle
1000 Block Sea Plume Way

An officer responded to a report of a vehicle burglary. The victim stated that she had gone into her vehicle to retrieve her firearm when she discovered it missing from the locked glove box. She had last seen the weapon approximately 2 weeks prior when she placed it into the glove box and locked it. Upon further inspection, she realized the extra magazine also missing from the center dash console. The woman stated she had not seen anything unusual around her car over the course of the last two weeks. The key to the glove box is the same as the ignition key. The woman stated she always has the key with her or in the vehicle if she was home and would be returning shortly to the vehicle. Touch DNA swabs were able to be taken and were placed into evidence in reference to the firearm serial number.

9/13/15 Theft
Public Beach

A homeless woman reported that she was siting on the second story of the pavilion with three bags containing all of her belongings. She decided to go downstairs to the ground level, leaving her pink purse behind. She was downstairs for about eight minutes when an unknown red headed female approached her and stated that her bag had been taken and put in the office of the pavilion. The victim did not ask her any questions and went back upstairs to find her bag gone. The victim told an officer she did not believe her bag was stolen but that she needed access to the locked pavilion to get her bag. An employee was contacted but found no bag anywhere inside the pavilion. The victim stated that the purse contained several special stones the size of the officer’s fist. She could not give a value because she believed they were priceless. When the officer requested more detail in order to fill out a report, the victim stated she would only tell the President of The United States or the FBI because of the gravity of the situation involving the stones. The officer noted that the victim continuously stated that she felt bad for whoever took the purse and that she would do what she had to do. She was vague during further questioning and became agitated when asked why she would leave a bag with such value unattended. She later complained to another officer that the investigating officer asked too many questions.

9/13/15 Stolen Tag
300 Block Avenida De Mayo

A woman reported her license plate was stolen from her 2008 Toyota sometime between 1:00a.m. and 2:15a.m., while her vehicle was parked at the Municipal parking lot in the Village. There are no suspects.

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