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Sheriff’s Report Dec. 16, 2014 – Jan. 20, 2015
There were a total of 28 crimes reported on the Key from 12/16/14 – 1/20/15
sheriff graph12/19/14 Petit Theft
8000 Block Midnight Pass Rd

An officer responded to a call by a highly intoxicated male who was not making sense over the phone. A man advised that two females that he picked up at a bar crashed his vehicle. The women offered to drive the man home because he was too intoxicated to drive. The victim did not have any information or description about the females other than the fact that they were females. The two females drove the victim to Turtle Beach from Smoking Joe’s. When they arrived in the parking lot they called another friend to come pick them up. They then stole the victim’s keys that also had his house key on the ring. After the females left, the man noticed there was heavy damage done to the front of his vehicle. The man did not remember anything unusual happening along the way due to his level of intoxication. No agencies had reported a hit and run crash. The damage to the vehicles grills area; front hood and shattered windshield are consistent with running into a cement block wall. Traffic units checked the areas between the bar and the beach with negative results.

12/22/14 Grand Theft
6000 Block Midnight Pass Rd

A woman reported that an unknown subject stole several items from her condo a few weeks prior. The victim stated she had recently had some tile and plumbing work done inside her condo. Due to the amount of concrete dust in the apartment, the condo association hired a company to come and clean up the mess. The service was inside the apartment unattended on three separate occasions. The woman stated that after the job was finished she and her husband noticed a watch, a GPS unit and two pairs of sunglasses were missing from the apartment, and felt that some or all of the workers stole the items. The items had been in the living room area (due to cleaning out other cabinets in the house) when they were taken.

12/23/14 Petit Theft
400 Block Island Circle

A man reported a residential burglary. An officer met with the complainant who explained he had a UPS package taken from outside his fence overnight. The package had been left hanging on a fence in a plastic bag sometime between 8pm on 12/22 and 4:30 am on 12/23. The man had woken up around 4:30 am and told the officer he did not believe the package had been taken at that time, as he did not see anything suspicious out of his window. He only discovered the package was missing shortly after 8am. It is unknown what was contained in the package as it was a Christmas gift ordered online. The package was valued at approximately $200, though the exact amount would not be known until the man found out what item was taken. The package was suspended from the fence in a clear plastic bag, which was found hanging from the fence by the victim. The bag had been cut open and the package removed. There are no known suspects.

12/25/14 100 Block Beach Rd
Domestic Battery

Officers responded to the incident address to assist Animal Services with a dog bite complainant. When they arrived officers located the address where the defendant and the victim were staying with their dogs. According to the couple, they have been dating for 10 years and live together in Pennsylvania. Both parties consider themselves to be married. While speaking with the couple, it was obvious that they were intoxicated. During the investigation, the defendant became upset and began to argue with the victim about paying the ticket by animal services. When the victim stated that he would pay the ticket, the defendant then turned and struck the victim on the left side of his face with a closed fist. The defendant backed herself up to a wall and was immediately taken into custody by the officer. She was charged with simple battery- domestic.

12/27/14 Grand Theft
5200 Block Ocean Blvd

A man called the Sheriff’s office to report an unknown subject stole his cell phone while he was out in Siesta Village. The victim stated that late that night he and a friend were inside the 7 – Eleven on Ocean Blvd when he called a cab company to come and pick them up. The cab arrived and took them to their destination. After getting out of the cab the man realized his iPhone 6 was missing. The victim wasn’t sure if he left the phone on the counter at the store or left it in the cab when he got out. The man advised that he had called the store and the cab company, but his phone hadn’t been turned in. He was unsuccessful in finding the phone using his ‘find my IPhone’ app because whomever has it turned the phone off so it couldn’t be located.

1/10/15 Burglary Vehicle
1200 Block Old Stickney Pt Rd

A man reported someone had entered his unlocked vehicle and took his credit cards out of his wallet. The man explained his car had been parked in the Bank of America parking lot while he was eating dinner. He drove home and didn’t notice his credit cards and driver’s license missing until the next morning. The wallet had been in the center console. After the cards were taken, the wallet was placed back into the center console. Nothing else was taken or tampered with. The man called his banks and cancelled his credit cards.

1/11/15 Grand Theft
1000 Block Seaside Dr

A woman called the sheriff’s office to update her original theft report. She advised that she had found her previously reported stolen watch wrapped up in a pair of her pajama bottoms inside a drawer in her master bedroom. The victim swears she had searched her entire residence from top to bottom along with every nook and cranny and never found the watch, before now. The victim stated her house is a time-share property. Yesterday, when she came home, someone from management sent two people to the house to conduct an inventory of the television set and other pieces of furniture in the house. Since the victim told the property manager about the theft, the victim thinks one of the workers or the cleaning lady put the watch back into the dresser and wrapped it up in her pajama bottoms so she wouldn’t find it until she wore the clothing. It is unknown weather the item was actually stolen and returned or simply misplaced.

1/13/15 Petit Theft
1200 Old Stickney Pt. Rd

A theft occurred at a South Siesta Restaurant. A man and a woman with two kids came into the restaurant and ordered food. When they were finished eating, the man told the server the money for the bill was on the table and the family left the restaurant. The subjects had left an American Express card on the table. The card was declined and did not have any names on it. The total bill was $101.78. The suspect is unknown at this time.

1/14/15 Petit Theft
5000 Block Hidden Harbor Rd

A man reported he had hired an electrician to do some work at a house he owns. The man trusted his work ethic having hired the suspect on a previous occasion. On 12/18/14, the suspect agreed on a price of $245 to carry out the work, but said he needed the money up front so that he could purchase needed materials for the job. The victim waited 30 days before filing a report in case the suspect had applied for a permit, which could cause a delay. To date the suspect had not performed the work and had failed to answer any calls made to him by the victim. The man said his check was cashed at a bank in Alabama and he thinks that the suspect may have left the State.





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