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Grand Theft

Police were flagged down on Siesta Beach near the red lifeguard stand after a couple reported the theft of an iPhone. They went swimming around 4:30 pm and realized the phone was missing when they returned to their belongings on the sand. The phone and case are valued at approximately $900. The case remains open and active.



Complainant reported that he left a gym bag containing an iPad and an iPod unattended on Siesta Beach while he swam. When he returned, he was shocked to find that the bag had been stolen. The case remains open/active.


Vehicle Burglary

The complainant reported that she went to the beach for approximately one hour. Upon her return, she noticed the doors to her Ford F150 parked in her driveway were ajar. The contents of the center console and glove box were lying on the seat. Missing was a set of vehicle keys with an estimated replacement cost of $1750. Fingerprints and touch DNA evidence was collected at the scene, and the case remains open.



The victim called 911 to report an altercation near the red life guard stand at the public beach. He left his belongings and walked to the water while using his phone, when he saw two males loitering near his belongings. When he walked back and saw that his towel and ear buds were missing, he chased the subjects, one of whom ran while the other dropped the items in his hands and assumed a fighting stance. They commenced a wrestling match until the other subject returned and convinced them to stop. They told the victim they were only borrowing his towel, did not steal his ear buds, and would help him look for them. After one of the subjects proved less than helpful with the search and continued to argue with the victim, the subjects ended up leaving the area. The case remains open.



The complainant employee reported that two customers left “looking suspicious” and concealing items by their side. When he approached them, he noticed one customer was concealing a phone stolen from the business. He shouted “stop”, but the subjects did not heed his warning. He followed the subjects to get a description of them and their car, but followed company policy by not getting into verbal/physical altercations and instead contacting the police. Video footage is being submitted for review. The case remains open.



The complainant reported that a male subject walked onto his property, opened the door of his Ford Bronco, and took a handheld battery charger/jumper. Surveillance video shows the subject next enter an Audi A4 in the driveway and steal cash from the center console before mounting a bicycle and leaving the area. DNA evidence was collected, and the case remains open.



The subject was reported asleep in the driver seat of a running car parked on Ocean Boulevard for approximately two hours. After several attempts by the police, the subject was finally awakened and exited the vehicle. Based on his bloodshot eyes, the smell of alcohol, and the presence of a large bottle of vodka on the passenger seat, the DUI investigating officer was called to the scene to issue field sobriety testing. After testing, the subject was placed under arrest for DUI.


Burglary of an Unoccupied Structure and Criminal Mischief

Police were called to the scene of a business by a cleaning employee after she heard a male yelling that his girlfriend was inside and trying to break down the front door. When the police arrived, they noted a front door was shattered and a front entrance gate was heavily damaged. The defendant was located shortly thereafter hiding in the rear of the business behind the outside handler unit of the air conditioning with cuts on his hands and body and glass shards on his person. Based on video surveillance and evidence collected at the scene, the defendant has been charged and the case is proceeding.



Complainant reported that a paddleboard was stolen from a common locker area in the base of his condominium complex sometime between 6/1/20 and 9/1/20. The board was locked, however, it was removed from the locking mechanism. It is valued at $1200.00 The case is open and active.



Complainant went to Turtle Beach with her now ex-girlfriend and another couple. Later that evening, she realized that her tablet was missing from her beach bag. She believes that one of the couple has the tablet because they are a “hacker”. She does not have contact information for the couple, but will try to find it and call back to update the police report. The case remains open and active, and contact will be attempted once more information is provided.



Complainant reported that a young male subject tried to purchase beer, but was told they did not sell beer at the store after 2am. The subject then ran from the store with a case of white claws beer. Complainant jumped over the counter and chased the subject. He was able to describe the subject and his vehicle, as well as provide photographic evidence. The case remains open and active.

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