Sheriff’s Report May 17-June 19

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There were a total of 39 crimes reported on the Key between 5/17-6/19/17








5/20 Grand Theft
100 Block Columbus Blvd.

A woman attending an outdoor wedding placed her iPhone7Plus on a table and stepped away for an undetermined amount of time. When she returned to the table, it was gone. An attempt was made by the victim to locate the phone and the locator showed that it was located in the area of 4000 N. Tuttle Rd. When she attempted to confirm the location prior to filing a report, the phone was shut down. The victim stated that she suspected one of the employees of the catering company but there were no witnesses to the incident and no physical evidence. The phone was valued at approximately $750.

5/22 Burglary /Vehicle
4000 Block Higel Ave.

A set of golf clubs was stolen out of the rear of an unlocked hatchback. The car was parked in the driveway of the owner. The articles taken included: Titleist golf bag ($250), Taylor Made driver ($500), Taylor Made club ($500) Titleist clubs ($250 & $450), Bogey club ($300), Momentus club ($80), Scott Cameron club ($450) and a Bushnell range finder ($250). No other items were missing or disturbed. There were no witnesses.

5/27/17 Grand Theft/ Criminal Mischief
Public Beach

A man reported 3 Harley Davidson decals were pried off his silver Ford F150 (Harley Davidson Edition) truck while it was parked at the public lot. The decals had been on the driver’s side, passenger side and rear of the vehicle. The investigating officer noted the scratches to the vehicle’s paint where the decals had been removed. The value of the decals was approximately $200 per decal. The cost of the damaged paint for the vehicle is estimated at $300. The new car had been purchased two weeks prior to the incident.

5/28/17 Assault
5000 Block Ocean Blvd.

The Sheriff's office responded to a disturbance at a Village nightclub. An intoxicated patron hit a club employee in the face. The victim stated he had asked the suspect to remove his gold chain as per dress code policy. The suspect became verbally aggressive and demanded that a banner inside the club be sold to him. When the suspect began using profanity, he was asked to leave. At this time, he raised his hands behind his head and hit the employee in the eye. The suspect was very intoxicated and could not explain what had happened. He could only state: “He told me something I didn’t like”. The victim did not wish to press charges and requested the suspect be issued a trespass warning.

5/30/17 Petit Theft
200 Block Canal Rd.

An employee of a Village grocery store witnessed a man remove a bottle of wine from display, place it in his pants, and then walk out of the store without paying. The wine was valued at $17.99. The incident was caught on video. The next morning, an officer noticed the man from the video in the 5200 block of Ocean Blvd. He was wearing the same clothing he wore in the video. He admitted he took the wine and was charged with petit theft.

5/31/17 Battery On a Person Over 65
Undisclosed Location

An officer was dispatched to a family disturbance where he met with the victim. She advised that she had been in a verbal, then physical altercation with her husband. She stated that the argument was in reference to her wanting to give a large sum of their money to her brother so that he could have a house. After finding out that she had already given the brother some of the money, the husband became enraged and started to scream and hit her. According to the victim, she was hit in the head with an open hand followed by multiple pushes to her chest and shoulder areas. The officer could not find any marks on her body. The husband admitted to making physical contact with her and was placed under arrest for battery.

6/3 Burglary/ Residential
9000 Block Midnight Pass Rd.

A woman left her house to go shopping while her husband went for a walk. She said they left the front door, which is on the third floor, open since the husband was expected to return in a short while. The husband did not return as quickly as she had anticipated. When she returned home, she realized the jewelry that had been lying on her dresser, was gone. The items missing included: a gold necklace ($1000), gold charm ($1000), diamond bracelet ($1000), gold earrings ($800) and 2 gold bangles ($600). The incident had occurred more than a week before the report was filed. The delay was due to the victim’s daughter assuming the items had simply been misplaced.

6/9/17 Battery On a Person Over 65
700 Block beach Rd.

An officer met with the victim of an assault he said took place approximately 6 weeks ago. The victim had decided that he wished to pursue charges at this time. According to the victim, he was at the condominium at the request of the board to participate in water pressure testing of several units, which included a unit owned by the defendant. While inside the unit, the victim and suspect were discussing a conversation that had taken place during a previous meeting. The suspect became agitated and shoved the victim, as he demanded that he leave his unit. The victim stated the shove left a bruise on his shoulder, which is no longer visible. He was unsure if the other people present at the time observed the incident.

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