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There were a total of 74 crimes reported on the Key from 6/17 – 7/21/14

Sheriff's Report7/12/14 Felony/Burglary-Vehicle
300 Block Avenida De Mayo – Officers responded to the Village Municipal Parking Lot in reference to a vehicle burglary. A woman reported that she had parked her car in the lot late in the night in order to visit the Village area. She said she returned a couple of hours later to find her passenger side window broken out. The complainant then discovered her purse was stolen. She stated she had left her purse on the passenger side floorboard. The stolen items included a Lucky brand purse containing approximately $28 and an American Express gift card. The officer was unable to finish dusting for prints due to rain.

 7/12/14 Felony/Burglary
3000 Block Roberts Point Rd. – A man came home and found his front door unlocked and ajar. He did not think anything of it because he had houseguests staying with him. The guests returned home shortly after the man. One victim found her suitcase had been gone through and her belongings were strewn about the room. She was missing a Google Chrome Book, two wallets and a passport. Another victim found a purse and passport missing from her bedroom. After his guests noticed their items missing, the man started looking around and discovered six handguns and seventeen replica Rolex watches were missing. When deputies arrived, they found a black case in the closet where the handguns had been stored. They were able to obtain a serial number for one of the handguns, a Smith and Wesson 19-4 9mm. Deputies were able to dust for fingerprints. They also found a black sock on the man’s bedroom floor and a tissue on his bed. The man stated that he had cleaned the room just before leaving and knew that neither was there when he left. The sock and tissue were also placed into Sarasota Sheriff’s Office property.

 7/13/14 Misdemeanor/ Battery
Siesta Public Beach – A man reported that a Hispanic male known only to him as “Reggie” confronted him. He then grabbed the complainant, lifted him up, slammed him to the ground and then left the area. The man stated this occurred in the handicapped parking area directly in front of the beach pavilion. The complainant appeared to have an abrasion to his left cheek and a bloody nose. Rescue was called to check the complainant, who refused transport to the hospital. The man refused to assist the officer in looking for the suspect around the pavilion area. He stated his injuries were bothering him and he was concerned he might have others. The officer called Rescue, who responded to the scene a second time. The man was then transported to Sarasota Memorial.

 7/14/14 Misdemeanor/Theft
5000 Block Ocean Blvd – Officers responded to a call in reference to a theft that occurred at a Village Nightclub. A woman stated a white male stole her purse from the dance floor area. She stated she believed the man’s name was Justin but she was not sure. While reviewing the establishment’s camera system, the deputy was able to see the complainant set her black handbag down on a ledge near the suspect. After she set her purse down, she began to dance on the dance floor. The video clearly showed a man move near the purse, casually pick it up and walk away. The complainant stated she was able to use her “find my i-phone” app and located her purse discarded in a dumpster approximately one mile north of the establishment. She explained that when she recovered her purse, she noticed $65 in cash and her e-cig were missing. The woman was able to recover all of her other items.

 7/16/14 Felony/ Burglary-Vehicle
400 Block Beach Rd – A woman called the Sheriff’s office to report that the vehicle she had been using had been burglarized while it was parked at Access #8. The woman noted that there was no forced entry into the vehicle, and that upon returning to the car, she recalled that all doors were locked except the front passenger door. The complainant noted that although there were other electronics-related items in the car, the only items known to be missing at this time are three pair of shoes. The shoes were located on the front passenger side floorboard. Nothing else in the car appeared to have been disturbed.

7/20/14 Misdemeanor/ Battery
Siesta Public Beach – A man called the Sheriff’s office to report that he was punched in the face several times during an altercation at the “Drum Circle” at the Public Beach. He stated that the man had asked him for a beer earlier in the evening and got upset after he told him “no”. He stated that the suspect called him names and then struck him in the face with a closed fist. He said that after being struck several times he put the suspect into a “headlock” and that the altercation was broken up by several people from both parties.. The victim sustained a minor abrasion and some swelling above his eyebrow. He refused treatment. He advised that the suspect is a friend of a friend and that he did not know the man’s last name. The victim had a very intoxicated witness who advised that the fight was over money owed to the suspect by the victim. The witness stated that the suspect started the fight and threw the first punch.

 7/20/14 Felony/Grand Theft
Beach/ Ocean Rd. – A man reported he and his friend were swimming in the water with their girlfriends. Before the victim entered the water, he left his iphone5, iphone4 in a brown wallet case and a credit card on the beach. When he left the water, he noticed his property was missing. He attempted to use his iphone finder app and it brought him to a residence on Beach Rd. Officers attempted to make contact with the residence with negative results. The victim then stated that the app was showing that his iphone was on Ocean Blvd.. An officer tried to locate the property in the surrounding area but was unsuccessful.

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