Sheriff’s Report: June

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April 18 drug possession

In a gas station parking lot, an officer noticed a female quickly exit her vehicle, which was also occupied by two males.

The officer’s partner offered to give the female a ride while the officer made contact with the two other people in the vehicle. After receiving consent from the female to conduct a search of the vehicle, one officer found a clear bag containing several round blue pills.

These pills were later identified as oxycodone hydrochloride and categorized as a Schedule 2 controlled substance.

The female defendant, although denying the pills as her own, was declared to be in possession of a controlled substance without prescription.

 April 20 theft

The complainant called the front desk to report that while she was swimming in the complex’s pool, her Apple watch went missing. She looked for it using “find my iphone,” and the watch was shown to be at Palm Bay Club. When she reported the incident and attempted to track the watch again, she was unable to receive a location.

April 22 vehicle burglary

 An officer was dispatched after the victim claimed that her purse had been stolen from her unlocked vehicle the night prior. She advised that her purse, car key, wallet, and several hundred dollars in cash were all taken from her car, valued at a total of $2,200.

The officer searched the neighborhood but was unable to locate information that led to any suspects.

April 23 vehicle theft

 The complainant reported that his mother’s truck had been stolen and the suspect was driving the vehicle to North Washington Boulevard. The defendant had contacted the complainant, admitting to the theft and advising him of her intended destination.

Claiming that the complainant was aware of her using the vehicle to help her brother and get food, the defendant insisted that the complainant only called the police because of recent personal animosity.

Despite this, the complainant’s mother pressed charges and the defendant was arrested for grand theft of a motor vehicle.

April 23 burglary

 A complainant advised that someone had tried to break into her home through her locked front door earlier that day.

The unknown subject was not able to gain entry into her home, but the structural damage caused by the attempted breaking of the door required a replacement costing $1,000.

The victim speculated that her estranged step-brother’s involvement would be a possibility, as there has been a long-enduring conflict between them. An investigation continues.

April 30 robbery

The complainant advised that while he and his friends were partying at a bar on Ocean Boulevard, he saw three males exit a silver sedan and start beating one of his friends.

One of the men struck the victim in the eye with a firearm and then, after taking the victim’s cell phone and Gucci hat, they fired off several rounds from a handgun into the air.

Although there were visible injuries to the victim, he requested not to be checked by paramedics.

While the victim confirmed the complainant’s story, an independent witness to the incident claimed to have observed the complainant and his friends encouraging the three suspects to fight them. He then saw several shots fired in the air by one of the suspects and then both parties drove off in opposite directions.

May 1 burglary

 An officer was notified that the yellow lifeguard stand on the beach had been burglarized between closing on April 30 and the morning of May 1.

The window on the stand was opened and there was damage to the wood paneling surrounding it. Although it did not appear that anything had been taken, items were scattered around the stand and on the stairwell.

May 14 battery/disorderly intoxication

 At a local bar the victim stated that the defendant was severely intoxicated and disturbing other people in the bar. When asked to exit the bar, the defendant refused and punched the victim in the abdomen while shouting profanities and acting enraged.

This behavior continued as the defendant was handcuffed by police. The victim did not wish to be checked by paramedics or press charges against the defendant.

May 12 vehicle theft

An officer was waved down by the victim, who claimed that her rental vehicle had been stolen after her friend misplaced the keys in the bathroom of a bar in the Village.

Surveillance footage from the bar showed the suspect and another person get into the car and flee the area.

The defendant was arrested after he drove the stolen vehicle back to the establishment.

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