Sheriff’s Report: April

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Feb. 14: trespass and theft

A store in the Village reported that a male who was previously trespassing on the property came into the store and, after refusing to leave, poured himself an extra-large coffee and then left the store without paying for it. Through video footage a suspect was identified.

Feb. 17: theft

Victim reported that his backpack and a case containing his Mavie 2 pro drone was taken from his locked car. The car parked in the north parking lot of the Siesta Key public beach.

Feb. 20: bike theft

Complainant reported that between 1 and 4 p.m. her NCM Milano Plus E-bike was stolen from the community bike rack at Siesta Key public beach. The bike was locked but the suspect was able to take off the bike’s wheel and remove the lock. The bicycle is black, with brown handlebars, brown seat, and a brown front basket. The bicycle also had two rear black saddlebags that contained certain personnel items.

Feb. 20: bike theft

Complainant reported that between 6 and 8 p.m. her bike was stolen from the community bike rake at Siesta Key public beach. The complainant is a foreign exchange student who was on Siesta Key with her tennis coach.

Feb. 25: theft

Victim and friend reported that they took an Uber to a Village restaurant. Victim and friend left cell phones in the Uber. After receiving no response from Uber, the victim tracked a cell phone to the dumpster near a jewelry store. The cell phone was smashed. Video footage from the jewelry store was requested.

March 1: package theft

Complainant indicated that she had ordered three pairs of shoes from Nordstrom and that they were delivered by a shipping company which left them by her front door. She reported that such package was stolen from the front-door area.

March 3: grand theft

Victim reported that a black Magnum electric bicycle, valued at $2,000, was stolen from a bike rack where it was locked with a chain. The bicycle had a black rear tire and a brown front tire. There was a kiddie cart art attached to the bike that was also stolen.

March 5: theft

Store in Village reported a theft from the store of three beverages. Video footage showed juvenile females, likely between the ages of 14-17, enter the store where one such female grabbed three beverages on different occasions in the cooler area. The juvenile, who was carrying a black-and-white bag, then walked to the store exit and left without paying for the beverages. The store wishes to press charges if the suspect is located.

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