Sheriff’s Report: April

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Jan. 16: trespass, civil unrest, battery on law enforcement officer, resisting arrest
The manager of a Village restaurant called police to report two female patrons who had been consuming alcohol for some time but were refusing to pay their bill of $135.89. A witness corroborated the manager’s account. Defendant, appearing to be intoxicated, first told police that she only had one drink and refused to pay the bill, then insisted that she had, in fact, paid the bill. When defendant’s friend finally agreed to pay the bar tab, defendant struck a police officer with an open hand, screamed, and ultimately resisted arrest. Defendant was ultimately charged and booked in the Sarasota County Jail.

Jan. 17: theft
Victim reported that her purse was stolen from where she left it on the bar at a Village bar. Police reviewed camera footage and corresponding bar receipts for evidence. They identified a man taking the purse, as well as his identity through the receipts, and the case has been assigned to a detective for further investigation.

Jan. 22: battery
Police responded to a report of a battery behind a Village bar. A female patron reported that she stepped into the alley behind the club to have a telephone conversation when an unidentified male approached her and pushed her against a wall. He attempted to assault her, but he reportedly ran away when she started screaming. The victim did not sustain visible injuries. The case remains open.

Jan. 23: theft
A victim reported a $1,000 Onewheel riding device was stolen from her home sometime between 9/1/22 and 1/23/23. The residence was under renovation, and the garage code was given to a contractor under contractual agreement that it is not shared and that all work at the residence be supervised by the contractor. At some point, the contractor was released from the job and litigation ensued. Recently, a third-party contractor told the victim that an individual associated with the prior renovation contractor had alluded to a theft. The case remains open.

Feb. 1: theft
A waitress at a Siesta Key restaurant reported that two adults and two children ate at the restaurant, and the adults proceeded to leave without paying their bill. The waitress followed the adults into the parking lot and asked them to return to pay their bill. They got into their car and left the parking lot without paying. The unpaid bill totaled $115.56.

Feb. 2: theft
A victim reported that his Nike bag was stolen the prior day at Siesta Beach. The bag contained his phone and Apple watch.
Later, the victim saw the phone and watch were pinging in a local parking lot and went to observe. Victim called police to assist when he saw two suspects.
The police observed the male suspect enter a public restroom with only one stall. When he exited the restroom, the phone was pinging in the stall. When police retrieved the phone and wallet from the restroom and confirmed that it belonged to the victim, they detained the male suspect, who denied knowledge of the items. He told police he was transient and stayed with the female suspect in her car.
The female defendant consented to a search of her car, which revealed the victim’s bag. Additional missing items were not located. The female defendant was arrested and transported to the Sarasota County Jail.

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