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Feb. 24 burglary
A man left his rental condominium at noon to go to the beach and returned at 2:30 p.m. to find that someone had entered and rummaged through his unit. He reported numerous pairs of shoes, clothing, and a purse containing $3,000 and a driver’s license missing. The only means of to the rental unit was by accessing a keypad code, which the rental company advised is changed before new renters arrive. The only people who know the code are two maintenance men and the cleaning crew. There were no signs of forced entry. Fingerprint evidence was collected and surveillance footage from adjacent condominiums was requested.
Feb. 27 burglary
While on vacation, a woman rented a house and five bicycles. She parked the bicycles on the covered front porch of the house but on the morning of Feb. 27 she noticed that one of the bicycles was missing. She contacted the homeowner and the front desk to report the bicycle stolen. The bicycle is a 3G, 19-inch male beach cruiser with inventory number 1482 on the frame and serial number US0919H090128 on the steering neck. March 1 theft
A man rented an electric bike and parked it in the parking lot at the public beach. The rental company provided a lock with the bike, but the renter did not use the lock. Upon returning to the lot, he was shocked and dismayed to find that the bike had been stolen. He did not have a serial number to provide to authorities or any other evidence at the time of the complaint.
March 4 burglary
Complainant reported that a silver MacBook computer, valued at $1,000, was stolen from a vehicle inside an unsecured garage.
March 8 theft
Complainant reported that sometime between March 6 and 7, someone stole his unlocked bicycle from where he was storing it next to his condo. He described the bicycle as a black 10-speed, valued at $450. The complex has security and video surveillance, and the investigation remains open.
March 8 burglary
Police responded to a report of a residential burglary and, upon arrival on scene, were notified of similar in-progress incidents happening in the vicinity.
One homeowner reported a thin, 5-foot-8, 30-year-old white male with a large brown beard, approach his home on a black bicycle and ask for water. When the homeowner went to get water, the suspect ran to the rear of the home and threw a blue bicycle helmet onto the patio furniture and took off. While at that residence, another report came in and the police redirected to that nearby address. That homeowner observed the same suspect approach her garage and take a black 10-speed cruiser bicycle with lock valued at $300 and a blue bicycle helmet valued at $25, which turned out to the same helmet from the patio of the first residence.
Yet another homeowner reported that the male suspect entered her carport, touched the trunk of her car, and left on a bicycle with a box of her business cards when she started yelling at him. DNA evidence was collected at that location.
A final homeowner saw the suspect ride up to her front door on a bicycle, open the door, and walk inside. When she confronted him, he said “wrong house” and fled on the bicycle after she took two photos of him. She stated that she felt that he entered surreptitiously with the intent to commit an offense therein until his efforts were stopped by her confronting him. She will provide surveillance video evidence.
Reports came in of the suspect traveling the area on foot, on bicycles, and swimming across canals. Ground and air support conducted a search, but were unsuccessful in locating him.

March 14 burglary
Complainant is an out-of-state landlord. His wife entered the property to prepare it for future tenant and discovered that the master bed had been slept in, the porch curtains had been pulled down, and the dish racks in the double sink were missing. Security camera footage from the property showed a man exiting the property matching the description of a suspect from several residential burglaries that occurred in the area during the same time frame. Investigation revealed that the suspect likely entered the property through an unsecured rear sliding door before spending the night inside the residence. The missing dish racks are valued at $20.
March 21 burglary
Complainant parked his vehicle in a parking lot overnight. The next morning, he discovered that someone had entered the vehicle and removed sunglasses, two knives, a key, and a cell phone. Fingerprint evidence was collected and processed.

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