Sheriff’s Report: August

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May 18, grand theft
An officer was dispatched when the complainant advised that he heard a door close in his driveway and saw his car’s headlights turn on after looking outside. He also saw a black SUV with an unknown driver parked in the street. One of the suspects backed the complainant’s vehicle out of his driveway and drove away, followed by the black SUV. The complainant recalled leaving his keys in his vehicle earlier that day after using it. After the officer called in a description of the vehicle over the radio, deputies pursued the vehicle. The suspect driving the stolen vehicle stopped and fled police on foot while the suspect in the second vehicle continued to flee while driving at 70 mph.
After fleeing the officers for a significant amount of time, the suspect turned the vehicle around and crashed into one of the patrol cars in pursuit of him. Deputies handcuffed and detained the suspect successfully. Upon searching the suspects vehicle officers found a loaded handgun and a Louis Vuitton purse containing a passport, cash, and car keys. The purse was reported stolen from a vehicle on Siesta Key and was returned to the owner.

May 25, battery
The complainant, who had two fresh fingernail scratches around her neck, stated that she and her friend had been standing outside of their rental unit when the couple staying on the lower floor of the same unit came outside, grabbed her, and pushed her on the ground. The complainant’s friend stated that the complainant had been heavily intoxicated and had been talking very loudly. She said that the man in the lower unit had come outside to tell her friend to quiet down, and when she told him she was speaking at a normal volume, he came over and pushed her. The man also pushed the friend when she tried to separate him and the complainant.
The man claims that he woke up to both women screaming at each other outside. He stated that he went outside and asked them to lower their volume, but the complainant began pushing him. He said that in self-defense he pushed her off of him, and when his wife came outside and attempted to break up the fight, the complainant grabbed her and pushed her to the ground. She stated that she heard women screaming outside and came out to separate the complainant and her husband but was pushed to the ground by the complainant.
While both parties claimed that the other initiated the physical violence, neither wished to press charges.
The property owner confirmed that the complainant and her friend were also reported making noise the previous night by the man in the downstairs unit, and officers concluded that the complainant was the primary aggressor.

June 6, battery
Three juveniles gained unauthorized access to a community pool. When confronted, a male juvenile charged the victim with his hand raised as if to hit him. Victim raised his elbow in order to block the incoming strike and connected with the male juvenile’s right arm. The three individuals then fled the scene.

June 7, stolen vehicle
The complainant stated that she parked her rental vehicle in front of her unit the previous night and the next morning noticed it was missing. She immediately contacted the police and the rental company to inform them of the incident. The vehicle was recovered by law enforcement at a nearby gas station, but the suspect is still unknown.

June 8, burglary
Victim indicated that he arrived home to find his 2015 Jeep Wrangler with the passenger door ajar and his belongings from the glove box scattered about. Upon inspection he believed there to be three missing items: a pair of black Ray-Ban sunglasses, a spare ignition key for the Jeep, and a bag of change valued at $23. The Jeep was checked for fingerprints and video footage was sought.

June 14, theft
Victim was on beach near Beach Access 12 where there was a relay race occurring and countless people on the beach. Victim indicated that an older white male approached her and started talking about how he was a photographer. After engaging in conversation, during which time the victim was watching her children on the beach, the male departed. When the victim went to leave, she noticed her green wallet was missing from her bag that was located on the ground near the victim.
The victim indicated that the male individual was the only person to come near here during her time on the beach.

June 15, drugs
A routine beach patrol uncovered an individual smoking cannabis on the beach. The individual indicated that he had a medical marijuana card issued by the state of Florida. However, a bag containing “shrooms” or Psilocybin was also observed in the possession of the suspect.

June 21, bike theft
An orange Margaritaville Jimmy Buffet bicycle valued at $200 went missing from a bike rack between June 14 and June 21. The rope lock that secured the bicycle was cut.

June 22, bike theft
A men’s mountain bike with barefoot pedals was stolen from a bike rack at the Harbor Towers community. The victim advised that the bike was locked and that the cable lock was cut and left at the scene.

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