Sheriff’s Report: August

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June 13, theft

Deputies were dispatched to a gas station where the complainant, an employee, showed them surveillance footage of a male and female who both appeared intoxicated.

After the two individuals entered the store, the male took a pair of sunglasses from a rack and put them on. The woman then handed the male a can of Twisted Tea she had taken off of a shelf. The subjects then engaged in a verbal altercation with store employees and left the store without attempting to pay for either item. They entered a red 1990s Chevy Suburban and left the vicinity. Surveillance cameras were unable to capture footage of the license plates on the vehicle, and the subjects had already left when police arrived.

June 13, theft

Deputies were dispatched to a gas station where an employee stated that six white males wearing pink shorts had been lingering in the front of the store. One of the subjects took three water bottles from an opened case and handed one to another subject. They then exited the store quickly without paying for the three bottles of water. No suspects were located in the area and the surveillance video system was unavailable at the time of the incident.

July 2, theft

The complainant stated he had parked his electric scooter at a bike rack when he went to drum circle on Siesta Key. When he returned to the rack, his scooter was gone. He stated that he had the key to the scooter in his possession at the time of the incident and that the scooter does not function without it.

July 4, drug possession

The defendant appeared to be intoxicated while operating his vehicle in a parking lot along Beach Road. Deputies conducted a DUI investigation and placed the defendant under arrest for operating a motor vehicle under the influence. Deputies also found a glass pipe, metal marijuana grinder and 32.1 grams of marijuana in the vehicle.

The defendant had an expired medical marijuana card in his possession and the marijuana tested positive for THC.

July 5, vehicle theft

The complainant received a call that her business cards and other personal items were disposed of on a property. As she left her house, she noticed her silver 2019 Mercedes GLC was missing. The complainant said she believed she locked her vehicle but could have left her spare set of keys inside it.

She went to the location the caller specified and found her business cards and papers from her vehicle. Her Ring doorbell camera had not detected any motion on her property, and no other surveillance video was obtained. The items inside the stolen vehicle included an iPad, two laptops, the victim’s passport and driver’s license, two wicker purses, miscellaneous clothing and makeup, house keys, and $17 cash.

July 5, burglary

Deputies responded to a complainant who said his gray GMC Sierra had been broken into in a parking lot along Beach Road. He was with his family and said he had no alerts in his GMC app of the vehicle alarm going off. The estimated cost of damages was $5,000.

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