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June 13 battery

The security staff at the location of a fight advised the arriving officer that the suspect was intoxicated and causing a disruption at the bar. A security guard in uniform was attempting to find the suspect a ride home when the suspect began screaming profanities and pointing her fingers into the guard’s face. After being ordered to step away and stop yelling, the suspect turned away but then swiftly whipped back around and swung at the officer. The officer dodged her fist and grabbed the suspect’s wrist. The suspect was then apprehended, although she moved frantically about to avoid arrest. After the arrest and upon a conducted search, several pills were found in the suspect’s purse not in any prescription bottles. The suspect was charged with assault on an officer, disorderly intoxication, resisting an officer without violence, and possession of a controlled substance without prescription.

June 20 battery

An officer was called to a bar on Ocean Boulevard in response to a battery complaint and spoke with the present security guard. The guard stated that he was trying to escort the suspect from the establishment when the suspect threw a glass bottle at him. While the security guard was able to dodge the flying bottle, the object hit the victim across the bar in the back of the head, creating a large gash. The suspect claimed that he threw the bottle because he was angry that the guard was forcibly removing him from the bar when he did not want to leave. He stated that he did not mean to hit the victim but meant to hit the bouncer instead.

June 23 theft

The victim stated that she set up her umbrella and placed her belongings near the red lifeguard tower on Siesta Key Beach and went for a swim. When she returned, she was astounded to find her belongings missing. The stolen items included the victim’s black Coach purse, $50 in cash, and a Mitsubishi car key. There are no suspects or surveillance footage.

June 23 stolen vehicle

An officer was called in when the victim returned to his vehicle and found it missing. He had parked his vehicle in the yellow shell lot at Siesta Beach. He was still in possession of both keys and recalls the vehicle to have been locked. The vehicle was a rental vehicle, and several days later was found, undamaged, inside the fenced area of the rental car facility.

June 23 burglary

The victim stated that while he was out, someone entered the condo he was renting and stole $350 and a $100 gift card. The victim stated that several people would have keys to the condo, including the condo association and cleaning crew. However, he did not know how to contact either party. There was no forced entry into the condo and there were no surveillance video cameras nearby.

June 28 theft

The complainant stated that her son, the victim, had gone to Siesta Beach Access 2 with a friend and left a clear plastic bag, containing his cell phone, cash, and driver’s license, on some rocks while he went swimming. When he returned, the bag and all of its contents were missing. The victim then tried to ping his cell phone to receive a location on it, and noticed the location seemed to move with the Sarasota County Parks and Recreation employee who was walking down the beach picking up garbage. The victim thought the employee had accidentally picked up the bag thinking it was trash, and began to look through several of the garbage bags. Soon, the employee said it was time for him to go off-duty. When the victim tried to ping his phone’s location again, he noticed it was not moving. He was not sure if the employee had the phone and turned the phone off, or if the phone had run out of battery.

July 4 theft

The complainant reported that she left her rental bicycle chained and locked to a bicycle rack overnight outside the tennis courts by the main public beach. When she went to retrieve the bicycle in the morning, she discovered it missing. There were no nearby surveillance cameras and no suspects have been identified.

July 4 theft

The victims stated that all three of them placed their belongings in the same blue mesh bag before taking a walk down the beach. The bag, which held items including cards, cash, and car keys, was placed alongside the victim’s towels and shoes in the sand. When they returned from their walk, they found that the bag was missing. A group of unknown subjects near the area stated that they saw two females in the location some time before then, but after the police were called and investigated the scene, the suspects were not found.

July 4 theft

The complainant stated that they saw a juvenile leave the Siesta Key market with a 12 pack of Truly punch, valued at $21.99. A police officer and the complainant reviewed the store surveillance footage, which showed the suspect and three friends walking into the store. The underage suspect then picked up the 12 pack and exited the store, followed by the other three juveniles.

July 6 battery

While departing from a parking space in the Siesta Beach parking lot, the victim of the incident was seated in the front passenger seat of a vehicle in which she was traveling with several family members. As she reported, the suspect, driving in the thru-lane of the parking lot, exited their vehicle and began verbally confronting the victim, who had her window rolled down. Soon the suspect reached in through the window, struck the victim’s arm, and attempted to take her purse. At this point, several bystanders stepped in and broke up the altercation. The suspect attested to a different series of events. She claimed that while she was out inspecting the front of her vehicle, thinking it had been hit, the victim and driver of the vehicle began yelling at her. She then said that she got back in her vehicle to avoid conflict, and that there was at no point any physical contact between her and the victim.

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