Sheriff’s Report – December 2020

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Grand Theft-10/25

The complainant reported that while he was swimming in the Gulf, he had left a bag on the beach with several personal belongings, including his credit cards, keys, license, and phone. When he returned, the bag had been stolen and he did not see any possible suspects around the area. He also reported that his credit cards had been used after the incident, but the locations, times, and amounts are unknown because the transitions have not yet gone through.

Drug/Weapon Possession-10/26

An officer pulled a vehicle over when they observed it perform a traffic violation. The driver advised that he did not have a driver’s license, and he and the other two passengers in the vehicle were quickly identified. Upon being asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, the driver said there was not, and then consented to the officer searching the car. On the driver’s floorboard, the officer found a backpack that held several rounds of 9mm luger ammunition, two empty 9mm luger casings, and one tip of a bullet. Then, the officer discovered two bags of suspected narcotics and two more luger ammunitions on the passenger side of the car. The driver admitted that the ammunition belonged to him, and it was later confirmed that he was a convicted felon for battery on law enforcement in 2018. He was then charged with possession of ammunition by a convicted felon. The defendants also stated that the two bags of suspected narcotics, which tested positive for MDMA, belonged to one of the other passengers, who was charged with possession of MDMA.

Golf Cart Theft- 10/27

A golf cart was reported stolen from a residence. The golf cart is red and black with red and grey seats and has a rear rack on the back of it. Neighborhood security footage is being collected and reviewed.


The complainant called to report that a Wacker trash compactor, worth $6410, had been stolen from a work site by an unknown subject between the night of 10/30 and the morning of 11/2. There were no cameras on the scene and the complainant, who is also the safety officer at the location, had not seen any other unusual activity. The investigation is ongoing.

Battery- 10/30

Victim was laying on the beach in an area she believed to be the public beach. Defendant informed the victim that she was on hotel property and needed to move. A verbal argument ensued during which the defendant picked up a hose and started spraying the victim with water in an effort to get her to leave the property. The defendant also took her beach towel but later gave it back. Victim attempted to enter hotel to discuss the incident with the management of the hotel but was denied entry. She was later given contact information for hotel management.

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