Sheriff’s Report: December

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Oct. 9 theft
Victim advised that someone entered his vehicle and took his phone and wallet while he and his daughter were at the beach. Victim advised that he was parked at Sunrise 2 toward the south east of the parking lot and arrived at the beach at approximately 5 p.m. and came back to his vehicle at approximately 6:40 p.m. Victim sought to locate the phone through the “find my phone” app but the phone was turned off.
Victim also indicated that charges were made to a credit card in the wallet.

Oct. 15 stolen vehicle
Sheriff’s deputy responded to an address in response to a stolen vehicle. The reportedly stolen vehicle was a 2023 Chevy Suburban with Florida plates.
The vehicle was last reported to have been seen on Oct. 14 at approximately 4 p.m. The complainant had the key for the vehicle and was not aware if there was a spare key. There was no personal property in the vehicle.

Oct. 18 possession of drugs with intent to sell, firearm violation
Deputy responded to a call at the Turtle Beach boat ramp. After investigating the call, the deputy observed four subjects near a picnic table by the boat ramp.
Deputy observed a dog with them in violation of a county ordinance and also observed a strong odor of cannabis coming from the table. The subjects initially denied they were smoking cannabis but defendant stated he had a medical marijuana card.
Deputy asked that defendant retrieve his card from his vehicle and observed a strong odor of cannabis coming from the vehicle. After proffering his license and medical marijuana card, which was expired, the defendant was asked if there was marijuana in the vehicle. After further discussions a bag of marijuana with a scale and two firearms were recovered from the vehicle.

Oct. 19 possession of drugs
Defendant was at beach parking lot after hours and when pulling out of it almost hit a sheriff’s deputy after shining high beams at the officer’s vehicle.
After pulling defendant over for a citation, drugs and drug paraphernalia were found in plain view in the vehicle. Defendant was charged with possession of controlled substance and issued a traffic citation for the flashing of high beams.

Oct. 28 loud music on beach
Victim reported that the suspect was playing his music at the beach at an excessively loud volume. Victim approached subject and requested that the volume be turned down.
A verbal argument followed and during the course of the argument the suspect pushed the victim with such force that his glasses were knocked from his face.
Suspect indicated he pushed the victim as he believed the victim might attack him and that he was not aware of any sign saying how loud he could play his music. Various witnesses to the incident were interviewed. The victim indicated he wished to sign a waiver of prosecution.

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