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Oct. 19 burglary

Victim was a contractor doing a remodel on a residential villa. Upon returning to work at the location in the morning, complainant found the door to the villa to be slightly ajar and pry marks in the door at the door handle. Upon entering complainant found that complainant’s 5-gallon bucket filled with hand tools was missing. The premise was dusted for fingerprints and photographs taken of the pry marks on the door. The case remains open.

Oct. 24 DUI

Sheriff officers were driving southbound on Midnight Pass Road when defendant’s vehicle pulled off Old Stickney Point Road in front of the Sheriff vehicle. Sheriff vehicle had to slow down to prevent a collision.  Defendant’s vehicle proceeded to drive away in the bicycle lane and made a sharp turn into a parking lot, almost striking a curb. Upon questioning and observing defendant with respect to the amount of alcohol he had consumed, the defendant was charged with DUI.

Oct. 26 theft

Victim was at the bench sitting near the red lifeguard stand.  Victim had a pair of shorts rolled up in a pocket to the beach chair. The shorts contained his cell phone, driver’s ID, global passport, and $700 cash in the pockets. Victim went swimming for approximately 10 to 15 minutes and when he returned he noticed that his shorts had been removed from the beach chair pocket and all of the items in his pockets were missing. Statements were taken from beach-goers sitting in the vicinity. The case remains open.

Oct. 28 theft

Victim was visiting Siesta Key with friends who had given victim approximately $2,000 in cash to pay for the accommodations. Victim went to a retail location and purchased some items and lost his wallet.  Victim was able to track the location of his wallet to a car in a residential parking garage.  The owner of the car, who worked as an attendant near the retail location, indicated that an unknown male had given him the wallet but that it had contained no money in it. Surveillance footage is being sought.

Nov. 3 theft

A married couple visiting Siesta Key were sitting on the beach near Beach Road. They went for a short walk and when they returned to their beach chairs they discovered that their beach bag had been gone through and several items taken, including their phone, wallet and keys to their vehicle. 

Nov. 4 theft

Victim stated that he met a woman named “Deborah” and asked her to join him on the beach. Deborah and victim went to Turtle Beach where they spent the night drinking. Victim fell asleep on the beach and when he awoke Deborah and his cell phone were gone.

Nov. 6 attempted burglary

Victim’s vehicle was parked in a parking lot and victim reported that there had been an attempt to gain entry into his vehicle. It appeared that entry was attempted by insertion of an object between the door and the door frame. The attempt resulted in several scratches and dents to the vehicle’s door. The estimate of the damage was $500. The vehicle was to be dusted for fingerprints and the case remains open at this time.

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