Sheriff’s Report February 19-March 18,2019

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There were 19 crimes reported on the Key between 2/19-3/18/19

2/23/19 Burglary – Residential
Address withheld due to Marcy’s Law

A man reported a bundle of NEST products was taken from his garage sometime within the last month. The set contained an alarm system, indoor camera, outdoor camera, lock, doorbell, thermostat, and temperature sensor ($1590). The complainant explained his home has been under construction since last September. He was not sure when the house was unsecured as the windows had been replaced. Upon speaking with a NEST representative, he was told that the set had been registered and activated at another location. A deputy contacted a NEXT representative and was told that all the items had been linked to the same account and that it was not the same account used to purchase the items. He was not able to provide the personal identifiable information connected to it. He advised he would forward the case to the legal department. Neighbors had not seen anything suspicious outside of the usual contractors coming and going.

2/24/19 Burglary- Vehicle
Address withheld due to Marcy’s Law

A man reported his Jeep had been tampered with on the inside and he believed someone had slept in it through the night. A knife was located on the driver’s side floorboard. He said he had last seen the Jeep the night before when he returned home. He did not believe anyone was inside it at the time. The next morning, the seat had been lowered significantly, the stick shift was in a different location and the rear-view mirror was moved. He said he usually leaves the car unlocked as the plastic window can be unzipped. He added that nothing appeared missing or damaged. The foldable knife was found in the open position. The car and knife were processed for fingerprints.

3/1/19 Theft
6000 Block Sarasea Circle

A man reported his rental bike was stolen. The bike had been locked to a palm tree on the evening of 2/28. On the morning of 3/1, the man returned and found the cable was cut and the bike was gone. The men’s Fuji bike was valued at $300.

3/4/19 Petit Theft
6400 Block Midnight Pass Rd.

A woman reported her beach bag was taken from a beach chair after it was unattended for approximately 1 hour. The bag contained a key fob ($200) house and work keys and a rainbow towel.

3/5/19 Theft
Address withheld due to Marcy’s Law

A woman reported a jewelry theft. She explained she had recently hired a new cleaning lady. On March 3rd she noticed one of her drawers had been rummaged through and she did not know why. She had been assisting her husband in the shower and the cleaner was the only other person in the apartment. When she was questioned the suspect agreed to have her vehicle and purse checked by the woman’s friend and her husband’s nurse. The jewelry was found in a bag on the front passenger seat of the suspect’s car. At first, the suspect did not say anything when confronted. She later said she did not know why she took the silver bracelet because she likes gold.  The woman later called the suspect and told her she would not call the police if the suspect returned all of the missing jewelry. The woman returned an hour later with all of the missing jewelry. When she was asked by the woman why she would steal from her when she has been so good to her the suspect responded via a translation app on her phone “sick” and “doctor no help”. The cleaning company she works for was contacted and explained that they had fired the suspect. The woman wanted to pursue criminal charges in order to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

3/8/19 Theft
5000 Block Midnight Pass Rd.

A deputy responded to a possible theft of multiple power tools at a condominium. Video footage was provided to him which showed a newspaper delivery man entering the condo elevators with his newspapers and leaving empty handed. He is then seen reentering the building with an empty bag and leaving with a bag that appears to have something in it. Working crews had previously left the power tools in a bucket near a stairwell on one of the floors the delivery man visited. When the crews returned the next day the tools ($450) were gone. The newspaper was unable to release any personal information to the complainant or the deputy.

3/10/19 Battery
5200 Block Ocean Blvd.

An employee of a village restaurant reported an altercation with a customer. The customer was being escorted out of the establishment for causing a disturbance, when the door closed in front of the employee, preventing him from escorting the suspect out. When the employee opened the door to walk outside, it accidentally hit the suspect in the back. The suspect turned around and threw the employee against a wall. The employee did not wish to press charges. The suspect left the area without any issues.

3/10/19 Burglary- Vehicle
Public Beach

Over $2000 worth of electronics and $400-$600 in cash were stolen out of a rental van parked at the beach. The van was accidentally left unlocked for approximately 1 hour.  The stolen items included a Lenovo laptop computer, Switch video console, 3 switch video games, and a Nikon camera.

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