Sheriff’s Report: February

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Dec. 2, burglary
Complainant watches over an apartment when the occupant is out of town. Complainant checked on the residence at 2 p.m. due to a window being open, which was unusual since the occupant was not in town.
Upon entering, complainant noticed someone had broken the rear door off the frame and made a mess inside the apartment. He stated he had checked on the apartment two days prior and it was undisturbed at that time. Complainant stated he had called early in the morning to report a suspicious person on the property.
Deputies had arrived and unaware that a crime had been committed on the property escorted the person off the property. Deputies dusted for fingerprints on the scene. Upon further investigation the suspicious person escorted off the property was located and charged with burglary.

Dec. 7, theft
Complainant noticed his chairs and pillows were missing from the outside stairs landing area. A Christmas wreath from the front door was also missing.
Deputies canvassed for the items and for surveillance video. No items were located on the property and one camera was identified at the entrance.
Video surveillance was requested.

Dec. 10, battery
A fight broke out at a Village bar. The manager of the establishment reported the incident.
The incident was partially captured on video and was reviewed by deputies. Victims indicated that one was punched in the face and the other was struck multiple times.
Victims suffered bloody noses. Based upon the investigation the suspect was charged with battery.

Dec. 13, theft
Victim went to the beach and left wallet in the outer pocket of beach bag. The bag was left alone briefly when the victim went into the water. Members of the victim’s group were also sitting nearby.
When victim got to car it was discovered that the wallet was missing. Searched car and other areas and it was not located.

Dec. 29, theft
Complainant contact the sheriff’s office to report that someone has stolen his Christmas wreath. The wreath was mounted on the front door of his residence.
Evidence suggests the suspect walked up on his grass, went to the front door, took the wreath off, and walked away with it.

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