Sheriff’s report: February

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Dec. 13 theft

The complainant claimed he noticed that one of three prescription medicine bottles was missing from the shelf in his kitchen. According to the victim, the only other person in the house between when he last saw the prescriptions and when he noticed one missing was an employee servicing the house as approved by the homeowners. This employee rejected having any knowledge of the missing medicine bottle. The owner was replenished by a pharmacy for his missing medicine, which he claimed to be a bottle of about 10 to 12 pills of a 60-pill prescription. 

Dec. 14 theft

The victim stated that after she walked off the beach into the public outdoor rinse-off shower area of her resort, she placed her black Gucci sunglasses down next to the shower. A man then came up to her and began talking to her, and when he left, she noticed the sunglasses were gone. She confronted the man about her missing sunglasses, but he claimed not to have them. The security cameras positioned above the incident location were out of service on the day of the scene.

Dec. 21 robbery

A deputy responded to a caller who stated that he had been talking with two women in the parking lot at Beach Access 12 when a group of individuals in a Ford SUV and a Chevy Malibu pulled up and began to verbally confront him. He began walking from the parking lot and the group in the Malibu followed him and cursed at him. They then hit the victim in the head with a large wooden stick, knocking him unconscious for approximately 35 to 45 seconds. When the victim woke up, he was across from the 7-11 down the road and his Samsung Galaxy Watch, iPhone 12, Samsung flip phone, and Golf PG backpack were all missing. The victim had an injury to the back of the head, three injuries to his left leg, and an injury on his right leg when police arrived. While the police were interviewing him about the incident, he became uncooperative and began threatening and aggressively swinging at an officer. He was then detained and placed in a patrol car until EMS arrived and transported him to Sarasota Memorial Hospital, where he calmed down and gave officers more information about the robbery. Police have not yet been able to retrieve surveillance video from cameras near the incident location, and the investigation is still active.

Dec. 29 burglary

The complainant reported a blue tricycle missing from the car port under which he had put it the night before. The tricycle is worth about $600, but the model and serial number are unknown. There are no suspects at this time and there was no surveillance footage near the location.

Dec. 30 battery, trespassing

A patrol officer was notified that a subject was refusing to leave a nearby establishment after being asked multiple times. The complainant stated that the subject appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and narcotics and had entered the bar without permission. After she was told to leave the bar, the subject began walking around outside of the bar and causing a scene with patrons and staff members. The subject tried to sneak into the bar again and, after being told to leave once more, she continued to walk towards a side entrance to the building. The subject had an open can of alcohol in her hand, was slurring her speech, and had a strong odor of alcohol coming from her. A police officer placed her under arrest for refusing to leave the bar when asked, and, while another officer was putting her into their patrol car, the subject became aggressive and began kicking the officers. She was held to the ground and restrained by an officer for both of their safety, and then put into the patrol car once more. One officer had several scratches and lacerations to their right forearm. The subject was brought to the hospital after claiming to have been sexually assaulted by the officers when they took her to the ground, but was returned to the jail upon receiving medical clearance.

Dec. 30 theft

The complainant stated that upon returning to her items after a walk on the beach, she found her black Lululemon fanny pack to be missing from her bag. A nearby witness was located and stated that a white male had placed a blanket next to the victim’s belongings and then sat in her beach chair, which he then broke due to his size. The witness saw the man remove something from the victim’s beach bag and after several minutes the man left the area. A search of the beach was conducted based on the witness’s description of the man and his clothes, but no suspects were found.

Dec. 30 vehicle burglary

The victim claimed that after placing his backpack on the beach, he took his cellphone to the nearby pavilion to charge it. When he soon returned to his items, he noticed that the keys to his vehicle were missing from his backpack. Thinking he dropped the keys somewhere, he conducted a search of the area, but could not locate the keys. He then went to his vehicle to check for his keys, found that it was unlocked, and saw that his suitcase was missing from the trunk of the vehicle along with all of its contents. There was no video footage of the incident and no suspects have been identified. 

Jan. 5 grand theft

The complainant stated that she had rented an electric bicycle and a kayak from a nearby business, and had locked the bicycle to her condo’s bike rack. A police officer reviewed video footage from the condo that showed an unknown subject enter the property on a bike with a fishing pole. He parked his bike across from the stolen bike and then proceeded to cut the lock cable on the victim’s bike. He could be seen leaving his own bike and fishing pole and leaving the property on the stolen electric bicycle. The police officer was not able to get fingerprints off of the fishing pole or the bicycle. 

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