Sheriff’s Report: January

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Nov. 14 theft

Subject was caught on video walking up behind a maintenance shed and walked into one of the openings where a golf cart was parked. The subject backed out the golf cart and drove away from the maintenance area. Shortly thereafter the suspect was observed driving off the property and heading northbound on Midnight Pass Road. A beach chair that the suspect was carrying and left behind was processed into evidence.

Nov. 15 burglary

Deputy responded to report of a suspicious vehicle on a property that had been burglarized in the past.  Upon arrival the deputy observed the vehicle in question in the back of the property. Sheriff deputies encountered two suspects on the property and observed drugs and tools potentially utilized to enter the building. Defendant was charged with burglary and possession of a controlled substance.

Nov. 21 theft

Victim reported that he lives in two states and recently came back to Florida. Upon his return he discovered that someone had cut the chains securing his bicycles and stole the bicycles. The bicycles were stored in his neighborhood parking garage. The last time he saw the bicycles in the garage was in July. The victim described the bicycles as two Panama Jack beach cruisers, one men’s single speed that was black in color, and one woman’s three speed that was turquoise in color.

Nov. 28 theft

Complainant reported that between approximately Nov. 12 and 24 his men’s 21-speed bike was stolen from the community bike rack at his condo complex. Complainant indicated that the bike was locked and that the lock was cut in order to steal the bike.

Dec. 6 burglary

Director of a construction company reported that certain materials were stolen from a house that is under construction. Director reported that door/trim and plumbing materials were missing and were being stored in the living room and kitchen of the residence. The materials were estimated at a total value of $4,000. An invoice for the purchase of the door/trim materials was provided by the director.

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