Sherrif’s Report: January 2021

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11/26- Assault on Officer and Horse

Mounted Patrol deputies in the Village were escorting a group of males from a bar where a disturbance had occurred inside. The group refused to leave the area as directed and one individual in the group stepped forward and pushed the horse on which a deputy was mounted away by the neck. Despite a warning to stop, the suspect grabbed the reins of the horse away from the deputy. The suspect continued to resist arrest, struck the deputy, and then fled a short distance until assisting deputies were able to place the suspect in handcuffs.

11/26- Bicycle Theft

The victim had two Trek bicycles locked to his van. The Victim believes they were stolen overnight and listed the value for one bike at $1700 and the other at $400. A witness at a nearby rental property reported seeing a suspicious person in the area after midnight on the night the bikes were stolen. The deputy then attempted to obtain fingerprints.

11/27- Shoplifting

The suspect stole a pair of sunglasses from a store. The store surveillance system caught the incident and is being downloaded and provided to the authorities as evidence. The suspect appeared to be wearing a tee shirt with his employer’s name on it. The employer was contacted by the shop owner.

12/4- Property Damage

A box truck allegedly backed into and damaged the gutter on a car port located in a condominium complex. A witness heard a metal crunching sound in the vicinity of the box truck but did not actually see the impact. The damage has been estimated at $800.

12/9 Assault

Upon arrival at a residence, a deputy observed a victim covered in blood, crying, and shaking. Upon interviewing the victim and the other resident in the household, it was determined that a roommate had hit the victim 3 times in the back of the head with a glass music box. The suspect claimed she did so in self-defense.

12/14 Theft

At approximately 12:45 in the afternoon, the victim arrived home with her husband and pulled into her garage. She proceeded to assist her husband inside and then returned to her car to gather her items when she witnessed the suspect running out of her garage onto Oxford Drive where a car was waiting for the suspect. The suspect took a handbag, iPhone, cash and credit, debit and gift cards from the car. A credit card company advised that an attempt was made on her credit card at a nearby grocery store. The suspects were captured on video at the grocery store attempting to make a purchase with the stolen credit card. The suspects were observed leaving in a 2018 or 2019 white Chevy Impala with tinted windows and sunroof. The victim’s car was processed for fingerprints and DNA. The iPhone was recovered, having been disposed of by the suspects, but was smashed and unusable.

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