Sheriff’s Report July 23 – August 19, 2019

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There were 16 crimes reported on the Key between 7/23-8/19/19

7/24/19 Theft
4000 Block Gleason Ave.

A man reported his wallet and its contents ($60, debit card, and driver’s license) were stolen. He stated he had left the wallet unattended and unsecured on a table in a Siesta church. He had been attending a meeting at the location along with numerous other unknown subjects, all of whom would have had access to the wallet during the hour.

7/25/19 Burglary- Vehicle
Location Withheld

A woman reported an unknown person entered her vehicle and stole the registration and insurance card from the glove box. The vehicle was locked but it is a soft top Jeep and entry could be made by pulling the fabric panels open. The interior of the vehicle was not dusted due to lack of surfaces. The victim related that she is in the process of a divorce but currently has no dissolution of assets. The estranged spouse lives in Sarasota.

7/25/19 Battery
5000 Block Ocean Blvd.

A woman reported an unknown male grabbed her bottom and genitals over the top of her clothing as she walked off the dance floor of a Village nightclub. She said she punched the male as hard as she could in his chest. The complainant was with five friends, however, none of them witnessed the incident.

7/28/19 DUI
5200 Block Ocean Blvd.

Deputies responded to a suspected impaired driver. Upon initial contact, the defendant was sitting on the curb with bloodshot eyes drooping eyelids and slurred speech. He had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and appeared to be impaired. When asked by the deputy to walk towards his vehicle, he stumbled twice. The deputy noticed a distinct way and stagger as he walked across the street. When questioned, the defendant stated, “I made a mistake and tried to drive away”. Before the deputy was able to finish reading the defendant his Miranda rights, the defendant placed his hands behind his back, as if he was ready to be arrested. He stated he was stressed and came out to have a good time and get drunk. He added that he was about to drive away in his truck before another deputy stopped him and called for backup. The defendant continued to advise he was in such an impaired state that he should not be driving. He stated he was drinking beer, Rum and you name it. He said multiple times that he had made a mistake.

7/29/19 Burglary-Residential
Location Withheld

A complainant related that a cooler was missing from the inside of the residence he was taking care of. The Yeti ($300) cooler had been near the front door prior to its theft. The caretaker also reported that two suede beanbag chairs ($300) were missing from the upstairs loft area of the home. No other items were missing or disturbed. The man believes entry was made into the residence while he was there checking on the property as the door would have been unlocked at that time.

8/3/19 Grand Theft
Location Withheld

A woman advised she discovered several rings and some cash missing from her jewelry drawer. The drawer is located in a master bedroom closet. Some cash was removed from a wallet, an envelope, and under the drawer insert ($600). Not all the cash present was taken. There were no signs of forced entry at the residence. The complainant does employ a housekeeper who has access to the residence and could think of no other persons who would be present when the complainant was not there. Security measures were discussed with the complainant. The three missing rings were valued at approximately $19,500.

8/3/19 Burglary- Vehicle
6000 Block Midnight Pass Rd.

A woman reported someone had removed her purse from an opened, unlocked vehicle. The vehicle was parked in a Condominium lot. The purse ($50) contained a wallet, ID, social security card, and a debit card. The purse also contained an LG cell phone ($80). The complainant was unable to track her phone using a tracking app. No cameras were present in this area of the lot and there were no suspects.

8/6/19 Theft
200 Block Canal Rd.

An unknown male stole a 12 pack of Corona beer from a Village grocery. The complainant said an employee saw the suspect leave the store without paying. When the employee followed the suspect down the street and confronted him, the suspect started to run and dropped the beer.

The complainant said the beer was recovered although most of the bottles were broken. None of the employees recognized the suspect.

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