Sheriff’s Report: July

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April 22, theft
Construction workers at Turtle Beach reported theft of equipment that had been left overnight. Traffic cones and traffic barricades had been stolen from the construction site. The total loss of the items was approximately $832. There was a large amount of trash and beer cans left on the ground in the same vicinity, which indicated that there had been a large gathering of people the previous night.

April 25, theft
Complainant is visiting Sarasota County and indicated that between 9 p.m. April 25 and 8 a.m. the next morning an unknown suspect stole a white Trek Verve1 bicycle from the community bicycle rack located near the tennis courts within the condo complex. The bicycle was locked but suspect cut the lock and left it behind. The bicycle had been rented and per the contractual agreement the complainant had to pay rental company for the bicycle. Video footage was requested and the serial number was entered into the system.

April 27, theft
Deputies were dispatched to a gas station for a theft. Assistant manager advised that a suspect had stolen four water bottles. Video footage showed a suspect walk up to the outside storefront where there were stacks of cases of plastic water bottles. Suspect removed four bottles from one case and walked away. Total lost value was $8.

April 28, burglary
A deputy responded to a residential burglary.
Victim indicated that she was getting ready to leave when she saw a female take her cream-colored bicycle. Surveillance video showed defendant coming through the victim’s fenced property and taking the bike.
En route to the residence, a deputy located the defendant who, upon seeing the patrol vehicle, stopped and changed directions and began riding the bicycle in a different direction. The deputy activated the patrol cars lights and defendant stopped.
Defendant was arrested for burglary of an occupied structure.

May 2, theft
A sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to a homeowner’s residence due to a complaint with respect to the construction company next door hooking up their hose to homeowner’s outdoor faucet and using his water. Sheriff advised construction worker to refrain from entering neighbor’s property and further using water. Construction superintendent arrived and indicated it would not happen again and offered to clean-up homeowner’s yard as retribution for the use of water. Homeowner indicated he would not press charges.

May 10, theft
Victim was dining at a Village restaurant with her husband. She hung her black crossbody strap bag over the back of her chair at the restaurant. During her meal a pink purse containing her driver’s license, credit and debit cards, and approximately $30 in cash was stolen. Shortly after it was stolen, she began receiving fraud alerts from her bank, including charges at a Best Buy. Video footage captured a male and female walking around the restaurant and then the male can be seen reaching down and removing items from the purse. Deputies responded to the Best Buy but were unable to locate the suspects.

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