Sheriff’s Report: July

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June 2, battery

A sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to a Village bar in response to a disturbance. The security guard for the bar indicated he had removed a subject from the bar for being heavily intoxicated and acting disorderly. The security guard indicated that the subject returned to the property and began causing a disturbance, yelling and acting aggressively, and eventually striking and attempting to strike the victim. The subject was charged with battery.

June 6, theft

Deputies were dispatched to a store with respect to a theft. The complainant, who was an employee of the store, advised that a group of male subjects entered the store and suspiciously walked around viewing items in the store. The employee advised that two male subjects put several items in their bags, ran past the cashier, and exited the store.

The merchandise alarm went off as the subjects exited the store. Video was obtained that showed the subjects taking the items from the store. The items taken three necklaces ($82 apiece), two multicolored T-shirts ($40 apiece) and five bars of soap ($11 apiece). The total value was $382.

June 8, theft

An employee at a convenience store reported a theft from the beer cooler at the store. The employee indicated she glanced at the beer cooler camera monitor and observed a male grab three items and put them in his pockets. The employee observed him walk out of the store without paying for the items and got into a truck.

The employee got the tags of the truck. A sheriff’s deputy tracked down the truck at the residence of the owner, and the subject was charged with petit theft of merchandise.

June 12, theft

An employee observed a customer of a convenience store take a Twisted Tea alcoholic beverage from a fridge and exit the store with the beverage without paying. The beverage was valued at $3.79.

Surveillance footage from the business depicts the suspect exiting the store with the beverage without paying. Surveillance footage was retained for court purposes.

June 12, property damage

A building was found with broken locks on the front door. The damage to the front door area included the front door handle ($400), front door lock latch ($30), inside door handle ($400), inside door frame ($200), and metal panel ($200).

Upon inspection of the property, it was noted that sliding glass doors on the second and third floors had been opened. There was a previous report of juveniles in the area. The surrounding area was canvassed for cameras.

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