Sheriff’s Report: July

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May 18 theft

 A kayak and oar were stolen from the victim’s dock on the canal. There were no reported witnesses and it is unknown whether the crime was committed by boat or someone on the roadway.

 May 22 grand theft

 The complainant reported that his unlocked bicycle was stolen from underneath his condominium unit. Although his wife’s bicycle was in the same location, only his was taken.

May 27 theft

A woman filed a theft report after her unattended red Betty Boop bag was stolen from the beach, along with everything inside the bag including several bank cards, a driver’s license and cash.

 May 29 battery

An officer patrolling a beach access observed two women in a physical fight on the sidewalk. Both parties were separated and refused medical assistance, although one subject had swelling to the face and abrasions to the knees and the other had swelling to the face.

 May 31 battery

An officer was called to the beach in regard to a battery complaint and shortly made contact with the victim, who had a black eye and appeared to be intoxicated. He claimed to have been struck by a man who was sitting a short distance down the beach. The man stated that he was sitting on the beach when the complainant approached him and asked to share his alcoholic beverages. When the complainant was denied the alcohol, he swung his fist at the man but failed to injure him. As a method of self-defense, the man struck back. It was concluded that both parties were acting in self-defense, and no charges were filed.

 May 31 stolen vehicle

The victim advised an officer that she parked her vehicle in the parking lot of Siesta Beach and returned several hours later to find her vehicle missing. She stated that while she had both sets of car keys when she was on the beach, someone must have stolen them from her bag when she and her boyfriend were swimming in the ocean. Her boyfriend advised that his iPhone, debit card, and driver’s license were missing as well, and they were in the same backpack as the car keys.

 June 1 burglary

 The victim contacted law enforcement when his security video system alerted him of motion while he was away from his home. When he returned, he found about $4,150 worth of items to be missing from his safe room and bedroom, including a pump action shotgun, a rifle scope, an automatic knife, and three unidentified rifles. He also observed that his attic door outside had been damaged and it appeared that the suspect climbed through it to the pantry, then through the pantry to the bedroom and safe room. The victim noted that he had hired a handyman a few months prior to the incident, and it looked like the suspect had made a duplicate key to access the safe room. An officer contacted the handyman, who denied having a connection to the crime and who stated he was working in Punta Gorda at the time of the incident. Investigation continues.

 June 4 grand theft

 An officer responded when a man called in reference to his guitar being stolen. He advised that he left the guitar, valued at about $1,750, on the side of the road for approximately 10 minutes while he confirmed the location of a wedding that he was supposed to attend on the beach. When he came back, the guitar was missing. Nobody saw anyone take the guitar and there was no security footage nearby.

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