Sheriff’s Report June 18- July 22, 2019

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There were 27 crimes reported on the Key between 6/18-7/22/19

6/18/19 Theft
5200 Block Ocean Blvd.

An employee of a Village restaurant reported a “dine and dash.” He said six subjects were seated at the establishment where they ordered two Buffalo wings appetizers and three orders of fries valued at $45.95. The subjects finished eating and left without paying the bill. One of the juvenile subjects forgot his phone on the table. The phone displayed his name on the home screen. This led deputies to the suspect’s mother’s name and phone number. She was contacted and arrived within 15 minutes to pay the bill in full and retrieve the phone. The complainant did not wish to press charges because the bill had been paid in full.

6/20/19 Battery
6100 Block Midnight Pass Rd.

A man reported a battery by a former employee. The complainant said he was out with the suspect when they began to argue. The victim advised the suspect threw him to the ground and the bottom of his toe was cut. A deputy observed the cut toe, however there were no other injuries. The victim said there were no witnesses to the incident. The suspect advised he had been working for the victim and that the victim had not paid him according to their agreement. The suspect said the argument was verbal only and no physical contact occurred. The case was forwarded to the State Attorney’s office for review due to the lack of witnesses or other physical evidence.

6/23/19 Battery
1000 Block Old Stickney Pt Rd.

A woman reported she had been thrown out of a Jeep. She stated while she and the suspect were at a Village restaurant, the suspect yelled derogatory names at her and became verbally abusive. They later drove to a restaurant on the south end where the suspect pushed her out of the vehicle and began to drive away. The victim chased down the Jeep to retrieve her phone that was still in the vehicle. The suspect threw the phone out the window and it was found in the parking lot, undamaged. The victim stated when she approached the window of the suspect, he punched her in the chest and in the arms. Red marks and scratches were observed on the victim’s chest and neck area. She declined medical attention. The victim stated she was afraid the suspect would come to her home and attack her and that she would spend the night at a friend’s house. The deputy advised the victim to obtain a restraining order against the suspect. After completing his investigation and based on previous history of the suspect, the deputy found probable cause for arrest for the battery charge.

7/6/19 Theft
900 block Beach Rd.

A woman visiting the public beach accidentally left her phone in the restroom at the south end of the park. When she returned to get it, it was gone. She stated when she tried to call the phone, it went straight to voicemail. The Samsung LG phone also contained her driver’s license, social security card and a credit card. She was able to cancel her credit card before it was used. The items were valued at approximately $815.

7/8/19 Burglary
1200 Block Old Stickney Pt Rd.

The manager of a rental business reported a burglary. He stated someone had entered the curtilage of the rear most building and had cut through the plastic on a locked outside storage box and stole items out of it. Three “drybags” containing multiple items for jet skis including tools and lanyards to start them. Other items stolen included four anchors ($480), hand tools ($25), and four hose tips ($70).

7/8/19 Theft
5700 Block Midnight Pass Rd.

A woman reported her Nikon camera ($250) was stolen from the pool area of her mother’s condo. She and her mother had both assumed the other had picked it up when they left the pool. They stated they knew most of the people at the pool that day and didn’t see anyone suspicious. No neighbors had found the camera or turned it in. The woman said she didn’t care about getting the camera back and didn’t wish to press charges, she only wants the memory card returned.

7/10/19 Grand Theft
5000 Block Ocean Blvd.

A woman reported her phone was stolen. She stated between 1-2 a.m. on 7/8, she had been drinking at a Village bar. She recalls being loaded up into a cab that was paid for by some deputies ($30) and left the bar. However, she claimed the driver didn’t want to take her home, and dumped her out in front of a convenience store in the village. Due to the fact the victim was heavily intoxicated and stumbling around, the clerk called dispatch and two deputies responded to the scene. According to the victim, the deputies called the same cab company and had the same driver return to take the woman home again. Later, when the victim sobered up, she realized she didn’t have her cell phone, and thought the deputies possibly stole it because she saw them using it last. She also thought the driver could have stolen it because he didn’t want to drive her home in the first place. She said the taxi company was not calling her back and was uncooperative. It was confirmed that the officers had not taken her phone and had it impounded into the property office for safekeeping.

7/11/19 Theft
5800 Block Midnight Pass Rd.

A man reported his son’s skateboard was stolen from the condominium where they were staying. The skateboard ($180) had been left behind a retaining wall behind some bushes while the son was on the beach. The suspect (white male, in twenties, dark hair, black baseball cap, red & black shirt, red shorts) rode into the condo complex on a black bike, removed the board and rode off. The entry and exit were recorded on security camera.

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