Sheriff’s Report: March

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Dec. 17 burglary

A vehicle burglary was reported in a carport in a condo complex parking lot. Victim’s vehicle was parked in the carport and a neighbor observed the passenger side door and window ajar on the morning of the 17th. The neighbor recalled passing the car the prior evening and did not notice the door being ajar.  Upon inspection it was discovered that the center console and glove compartment had been ransacked.  Deputies observed that the unknown suspect likely forced the window down slightly and was then able to gain access to the vehicle. Deputies then processed the vehicle for prints and sought security camera footage.

On the same evening a separate vehicle was also burglarized overnight in the carport. Similarly, the center console had been ransacked. The victim believed that she may have left the car unlocked overnight.

Jan. 3 vehicle theft

Victim reported his 2022 BMW Alpina had been stolen from his driveway at approximately 6:10 a.m.  Victim indicated that the car may have been left unlocked and that the car contained two car seats.  Attempts to track the vehicle through the BMW app were unsuccessful. However, at 9:55 a.m. the vehicle was located in St. Petersburg by St. Petersburg police. Video footage was obtained and a search for the suspects remains outstanding.

Jan. 4 burglary

Victim reported that her unlocked car had been burglarized at approximately 6 a.m. She reported a Mac Book and a Tory Burch purse was stolen from the car. A neighbor made his video camera footage available. DNA was taken from the glove box and entered into evidence.

Jan. 4 theft

Victim lives in Indiana and rented a condo unit on Siesta Key for a month beginning on Dec. 31. The rental unit was rented through a real estate rental website. Victim communicated via email with respect to the rental and paid, via electronic payment, a total of $4,800 for the rental. However, when the victim arrived at the rental unit it was occupied and it became evident that the victim had been subject to an online scheme.

Jan. 9 theft

Suspect walked into business and poured a cup of coffee at approximately 6 a.m. The suspect also picked out three donuts and began to eat them within the business. Complainant asked the suspect to pay for the items and the suspect refused. The complainant stated “That’s a theft.”

The suspect then stated “I know.”

The suspect walked outside and left on a bicycle southbound on Ocean Boulevard. The suspect is described as a white male, 50s to 60 years of age, 5-foot-10, thin, and last seen wearing blue jeans, a black jacket and a gray hat. The loss to the business was $12.15.

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