Sheriff’s Report: March

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Jan. 12, theft
Sheriff deputies were dispatched to Beach Access 5 with respect to a reported theft. Complainant indicated he parked two bicycles at the entrance at approximately 6 p.m. When he returned 30 minutes later hours the bicycles were missing. They were mountain-style bikes and were both green and silver.
Later in the evening a deputy observed subjects on what appeared to be the missing bicycles. Upon making contact with the subjects riding them, one of the subjects indicated they had borrowed them and were just riding around. The complainant confirmed that the bicycles were the missing ones and that since they were recovered undamaged did not wish to press charges. The subjects were advised they were not getting the bikes back and one of the subjects responded “Yeah, I know, we sole them.”

Jan. 16, theft
An employee of construction company reported a propane tank was stolen from a home under construction. The propane tank was an underground tank that was being stored above ground pending its installation. The value of the tank was $2,500. A witness reported seeing several subjects load the tank on a trailer and drive away with it.

Jan. 23, theft
A condominium representative reported a break-in at a shed and that a leaf blower was missing as well as miscellaneous hand tools. Video footage was obtained which showed a suspect around the shed and then running toward Midnight Pass Road.
Jan. 24, burglary
Complainant contacted the sheriff’s department to report a vehicle burglary. Complainant states his van was parked in parking lot of his apartment complex. In the morning he entered the van and noticed his backpack was missing from the van. Complainant did not see any signs of forced entry and also believed that the van was left unlocked.

Jan. 24, theft
Complainant, who was a representative of a condo complex, reported that keys to four units were missing. She explained that she had placed eight keys (two for each unit) in a lockbox when leaving for the day.
Approximately an hour and a half after she dropped the keys in the lock box a guest reported they could not locate the keys for one of the units. After searching for the keys, complainant believes them to have been stolen.

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