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March 19, bicycle theft

Victims had rented two beach cruiser bicycles and temporarily left them unattended in a driveway along Beach Road, only to return to find them stolen. No witnesses were located and there did not appear to be any video surveillance available.

March 25, retail theft

Manager of market on Siesta Key reported a theft from the market.  Two males were observed on camera walking down an aisle in the store when one hid a White Claw Variety Pack in the other’s backpack. The subject attempted to conceal the theft by legitimately paying for other items using a credit card. The stolen goods totaled $22.99. Through the video surveillance and the use of the credit card, one of the suspects was identified.

March 31, bicycle theft

Four teenage boys were riding bikes all over the Siesta Beach area. The boys left their bikes unattended at a beach area. When they returned, one was missing. The bike was a black Venice Man bicycle valued at $583. The serial number of the bike was logged into the system.

April 5, bicycle theft

A bicycle was stolen from a house along Beach Road. The bike was a navy blue 3G Venice Man bicycle with a basket. The bike is valued at $350. The serial number of the bike was logged with the Sherriff’s Office.

April 5, bicycle theft

Victims rented three bikes and left them temporarily unattended in the middle of Siesta Village. Three males, described to be in their late teens or early 20s, were observed riding away with the bikes. Two of the males had backpacks on their backs. Victims contacted both the rental company as well as the Sheriff’s Office. Each bike is valued at $250.

April 6, bicycle theft

A bike was reported stolen from a bike rack at Siesta Beach. The bike was reported as a blue Fuji Cape May bicycle with a basket. The bike is valued at $360. The serial number was logged with the Sherriff’s Office.

April 10, theft of electric bicycle and cart

Victim rented a two-wheel electronic bicycle along with a two-wheel metal pull cart. Victim rode the electric bike to Beach Access 12 and locked the bike and cart together, but not to any stationary structure. The cart contained the victim’s belongings which included a fishing rod, tackle box, pants, shirt, shoes and water bottle. When the victim returned from the beach, the bicycle and cart were gone.  The theft is estimated to have occurred between 3 and 5 p.m. Video surveillance footage is being sought.

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