Sheriffs report: May 2024

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March 10, theft

Victim stated that he locked his bicycle on a bike rack at the Siesta Beach parking lot area. The bicycle was locked with a cable combination lock.

He left his shoes with his bicycle and walked down to the beach at approximately 3:20 a.m. When he returned, his bicycle, the lock and the shoes were gone.

The complainant valued the bicycle at $500, the cable lock at $50, and the shoes at $60.

March 15, theft

Complainant advised that an unknown subject stole his landlord’s bicycle. The complainant said he was renting a property for two weeks and borrowed his landlord’s bicycle. He and his wife stopped near Beach Access 11 and locked the bicycle on the rack before going to the beach.

Approximately 20 to 30 minutes later, he returned and noticed the bicycle missing. The missing bicycle is a red Firmstrong Urban single-speed.

March 21, theft

Family was at Siesta Beach near the yellow lifeguard stand. Family had a beach cart and had a purse in the cart under several towels.

Upon returning to their condo rental and unpacking the beach cart the family noticed the purse was missing. The family advised that generally there was at least one adult near the beach cart except for two brief periods of time when they gathered by the water.

March 22, theft

Three victims reported to a sheriff’s deputy that they left their items on the sand while they went swimming by Beach Access 2. While swimming, they observed several juvenile male subjects around their belongings. They saw the subjects take their bag and drive away in a pick-up truck.

The victims ran after the truck but were unable to catch them. Items taken with the bag included licenses, a wallet, debit card, insurance card and miscellaneous clothing.

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