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March 7 identity theft

Complainant reported that an unidentified suspect used her name, social security number and other personal information to apply for Illinois unemployment benefits.  The suspect used complainant’s son’s Illinois address for the claim, and complainant became aware of the fraud when her son received a letter from the Illinois unemployment office regarding the claim.  Complainant contacted the appropriate Illinois authorities to advise them of the fraudulent activity.  The case remains open.

March 14 burglary

Complainant is an out-of-state landlord. His wife entered the property to prepare it for future tenant and discovered that the master bed had been slept in, the porch curtains had been pulled down, and the dish racks in the double sink were missing. Security camera footage from the property showed a man exiting the property matching the description of a suspect from several residential burglaries that occurred in the area during the same timeframe.  Investigation revealed that the suspect likely entered the property through an unsecured rear sliding door before spending the night inside the residence. The missing dish racks are valued at $20. 

March 21 burglary

Complainant parked his vehicle in a parking lot overnight. The next morning, he discovered that someone had entered the vehicle and removed sunglasses, two knives, a key, and a cell phone. Fingerprint evidence was collected and processed.

March 19 battery

At 1:50 am, police were conducting routine patrol when they observed two males involved in a physical altercation outside of a bar in the Village. The apparent aggressor was handcuffed and placed into a patrol car, while continuing to attempt to fight with the victim. The victim kept asking why the police were making a big deal out of the fight, and insisted on signing a waiver of prosecution. The case is closed.

March 20 battery

Police were called to a reported battery at a bar in the Village at approximately 8 p.m.  The defendant was asked to leave the bar because he was intoxicated and saying rude things to other people in the bar. Eventually, the defendant complied with a request to pay his tab and exit. While exiting, he charged the victim head-first, knocking him to the ground and then continuing to try to strike him. Security footage confirmed the situation. The defendant was intoxicated during his interview with police. He was subsequently transported and remanded to the custody of the Sarasota County Jail.

March 27 theft

Complainant reported that she left her purse unattended at the Siesta Public Beach and it was stolen between 3:15 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Items stolen include: credit card purse, driver’s license, credit card, numerous credit/debit gift cards, checkbooks, prescription sunglasses. The case remains open.

March 30 grand theft

The victim reported that an unknown suspect stole his crimson 2020 Como Turbo 3.0 bike, valued at $4,600. The bike was locked to the back of his Jeep Grand Cherokee overnight. The suspect apparently used bolt cutters to cut the locks securing the bicycle. The case remains open.

March 30 theft

A Florida license plate was reported stolen from a Panther Scoot Coup. Available surveillance and other evidence was collected and the case remains open.

April 2 grand theft

The victim reported that she left her light-green Boss bicycle with a black basket in the bike area in the beach access 10 location. She left it unattended and unsecured. When she returned, she was dismayed to find that the bike had been stolen. She could not provide a serial number for the bicycle, nor any potential suspects. The case remains open.

April 3 burglary

The victim reported that her bicycles were locked in a garage near her designated parking space.  Approximately six hours later, she found one of the bicycles missing.  It is a yellow Canondale road bike with an estimated value of $500.  Security surveillance is being reviewed.

April 5 burglary

The victim reported that sometime on April 5 or 6 he believes that the suspect entered his residence and stole multiple firearms and his firearm inventory sheet from a locked closet. There were no signs of forced entry. The victim reported that there was only one key to the closet, and it required a special locksmith to copy. He believes the suspect took the key and copied it in December 2020 because the suspect previously worked for him and stole from him.  The victim described his detailed theory that he was being tracked by the suspect through an app on his phone, and the suspect accessed the house when the victim was out by entering from the beach, onto the roof and through the attic.  He believes that the suspect stole the firearms, put them outside, locked the door and exited the way that he came in. The victim could not provide the app or all of the suspect’s contact information, stating that his phone had been hacked and information was deleted. The case remains open.

 April 6 battery

At 2:30 pm, police responded to a reported fight on Siesta Key Beach near the red lifeguard tower. Upon arrival, all parties were dispersed, but police eventually made contact with one of the parties involved.  He reported that he argued with a female about her kids being too loud, and the female responded by throwing a drink in his face and chest-bumping him. He reportedly defended himself by pulling her hair, and then a second subject approached and pushed him to the ground. Police could not locate any other parties involved, and investigation was completed.

April 10 battery

Complainant reported that her son was battered in a parking lot on Beach Road on April 7. He called her to pick him up, saying he had been punched in the face. She took him to the emergency room, and he was diagnosed with a fractured mandible, which will require further treatment and surgery. The victim explained that he was in the parking lot with his friend when he saw a girl he knew from middle school. He waved to the girl, and suddenly a male acquaintance “sucker punched” him in the face due to being upset about the girl.  The victim’s friend corroborated the statement. Photographic evidence was obtained and processed.  The suspect has been located in Manatee County. The case remains open.

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