Sheriff’s Report: November

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Sept. 8 Battery

A deputy responded to a Village store in reference to a disturbance. Upon arriving at the scene, the deputy recognized the suspect from an earlier interaction where the deputy had educated the suspect on not riding his scooter on the sidewalk.

Victim indicated he was standing outside a restaurant and the suspect rapidly approached him on a scooter. The victim told the suspect to not drive the scooter on the sidewalk. The two got into a verbal altercation upon which the suspect struck the victim in his face. 

The victim’s recollection of events was corroborated with security video.

Sept. 16 Alcohol/drug possession, firearm violations

Sheriff deputies were patrolling the beach on an ATV when they observed a group of younger males and females standing on the roadway. As they approached, they observed a Patron tequila bottle sitting on a mailbox where the group was standing. They also could smell the distinct odor of marijuana. Upon the deputies approaching the group one of the members of the group started walking away. A deputy gave numerous orders for the suspect to stop walking to which such person refused to do so. 

Deputies ultimately apprehended the suspect and discovered a firearm in his possession, which was later identified as a stolen firearm. An altercation with a separate member of the group subsequently occurred. Various members of the group were charged with possession of alcohol by persons under 21, possession of marijuana, carrying a concealed firearm, and resisting arrest.

Sept. 21 Theft

Sheriff’s deputy responded to a complaint at a house where the victim alleged that two iPads were missing. She was able to log in to find my iPhone and was able to determine that the iPads were linked to a former caregiver in the house. Sheriff’s deputy made contact with the caregiver who advised that she had both iPads and would return them. Complainant did not wish to press charges but wished to report the theft due to the caregiver’s position in home health care.

Sept. 29 Fraud

Sheriff was dispatched to a condo complex located off of Midnight Pass Road. The victim indicated that she had booked a vacation for a week of Sept. 24 to Oct. 1 at the condo complex and indicated that she never received a refund for her bookings. Sheriff deputy attempted to contact the front desk or find an employee on the property but was not able to locate any.

Oct. 2 Theft

A group of four women went to watch the sunset on the beach. They parked their four-door hatchback in the Beach access 7 parking lot at approximately 7:03 p.m. When they returned to the car at approximately 7:40 p.m. they realized their purses had been stolen from inside of the car. A sheriff’s deputy dusted for prints and canvassed the area for footage.

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