Sheriff’s Report: November

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Sept. 13 theft

Victims hired contractor to repair a dock. A contract was signed and the victims provided a deposit of $3,432. The work was scheduled to begin in May 2022 but the contractor has not been back to work on the dock. The contractor provided “excuses” for not starting the repairs and then ultimately ceased all communications with the victim. The victim hired a lawyer to seek recovery of the deposit. A sheriff’s deputy made unsuccessful attempt to contact the contractor.

Sept. 18 theft

Victim was walking on the beach when a suspect approached him and took his hat off his head and ran away. The hat was a multicolored jester’s hat worth approximately $10. The suspect fled into the Siesta Beach parking lot. The victim flagged down a sheriff’s deputy who was able to locate the suspect in the parking lot. The suspect indicated he did it as a joke and returned the hat. The victim chose not to press charges after the suspect apologized for his actions.

Sept. 18 theft

Victim reported he was at a bar in the Village and that between approximately midnight and 1 a.m. an unknown suspect stole his wallet. The wallet was in his pants pocket and he believed that an unknown person pick-pocketed his property.

Sept. 19 theft

Victim reported he was having a deck built of his residence. The wood for the project was stacked next to his driveway. A workman reported to work at 8 a.m. and noticed that six boards were missing from the stack of wood. The victim reported that the wood was there on the previous day at approximately 4:30 p.m.

Sept. 26 theft

Complainant was at the beach in the area of Beach Access 2 and was in the water when she noticed a male near her bag on the beach with his hand in her wallet. When the suspect and victim made eye contact the suspect pulled back and lifted the bag in the air momentarily before it fell and then he fled toward Siesta Village. Items stolen from the wallet were a $100 bill, about five $1 bills, and a credit card.

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