Sheriff’s Report: October

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July 14, alleged theft

Complainant reported his motorcycle was parked behind a restaurant in the Village and had been taken. Upon investigation it was concluded that the motorcycle had been towed from the property. The motorcycle was recovered and the case was closed.

July 18, verbal altercation

Property manager reported a verbal altercation between a male and female on the premises. Upon arrival, a sheriff’s deputy found a female outside the unit where she was staying with her friend. She indicated that there had been a verbal argument over the location of a cell phone and where a vehicle was parked. The male indicated he was on his way to the airport. Both parties signed a waiver of prosecution.

July 18, missing package

Complainant was expecting a dress from a high-end store to be delivered to her residence, and received an email message that it had been delivered, but could not locate any package at the residence. The carrier was contacted and was not able to provide a picture or other proof of delivery.

July 21, battery

The elevator at a condo complex malfunctioned with guests inside. After about 15 minutes the security manager for the complex was able to open the door to the elevator. After a verbal exchange about the malfunctioning elevator one of the guests allegedly assaulted the security manager in the head. The security manager did not wish to press charges and the guests left the premises with a trespass warning.

Aug. 8, drug possession

Sheriff’s deputy made contact with subject while subject was in his vehicle smoking marijuana and had an open container of alcohol in the center console of his vehicle. The subject was detained.

Aug. 8, physical altercation

A sheriff’s deputy responded to the public beach parking lot in reference to a fight. The deputy made contact with the victim who indicated he had been in a fight with his friend. The victim and his friend were on vacation and had gotten into an argument about leaving the beach. The argument turned physical and the victim was punched in the face.

The suspect was interviewed by a deputy and indicated that the

victim attempted to hit him and he had punched the victim in the face in return but then walked away to avoid further confrontation. A waiver of prosecution was signed by the victim.

Aug. 9, theft

Victim reported that he had property stolen while he was at Siesta Beach. The theft occurred near the blue lifeguard stand at approximately 8p.m. The stolen property consisted of a bag with his wallet, iPhone, and clothing. Victim was advised to track the iPhone and identify its location to police.

Aug. 20, theft

Victim was on Siesta Beach and set her bag on a beach chair, then went for a walk. When the victim returned from her walk, she discovered that the bag was missing.

The missing items included a blue Jansport bag valued at $20, towels valued at $10, a Florida ID in the victim’s name, a Kia key fob valued at $300, and one AirPod in a sparkle case valued at $120.

Aug. 23, theft

Manager of convenience store reported that three suspects came into the store, took two Neon Burst alcoholic drinks that cost $2.79 each, and left the store without paying for them.

Aug. 31, theft

Complainant reported he left his bag at a closed business so he could go to the beach. Upon returning the bag was on the floor and the following items were missing: $100 in cash, a brown leather wallet, a Florida driver’s license, a debit card, keys, and a Samsung phone. Video footage from the closed business was being sought.

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